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Angie / 25 / Hungary

Hey there little stalker on my profile! (No shame, i do it all the time.)

I'm Angie and you've probably already seen my face somewhere here

I swear i'm not that bitchy in real life, this is my ultimate-resting-bitchface i put on every single time somebody try to take a picture of me. I do not understand either, I like to think that i am actually a really nice person. I changed it, now i actually look decent. :D

I've entered Dramaland's magical gate in the summer of 2012, and anybody who've been here knows that you can't really go back anymore. One of my friends recommended me Personal Taste, and after i watched the episodes and completed the series in few days, i simply realized that this is a pretty damn good thing to waste my time on. :D

So yeah, this is the story of how i got a new addiction. :)

Outside of Dramaland i am a uni student as a Biologist, and i do photography as a beloved hobby of mine. :)

The DOs:

► I usually watch and prefer Korean and Japanese dramas and films, sometimes Chineese or Taiwaneese pieces, but that's rare.

► My favorites are romcoms and melodaramas, or any mystical stories, and also really enjoying medical dramas. :) Nothing too sappy and too predictable.

► I also like watching broadcasts, like Roommate (mostly because of DongWook and Jackson, but i actually liked everybody) and We Got Married (all time faves are MinYoung (Nam Goong Min&Hong Jin Young) and OhYeah (Oh Min-seok&Kang Ye-won) :) Sometimes a little bit of Running Man.

► I have a habit of choosing dramas because i saw the main lead in another drama and enjoyed his/her acting, and of course if i fell in love with an actor, i search for his previous works. (It actually happens really frequently.) :D

The DON'Ts:

► Although i've tried Thai cinematography, somehow it's just not my cup of tea. If you have some movie/drama suggestions to change it, tell me! :)

 ► Can't watch long dramas with 50 episodes and family dramas like 100+ episodes or so. I can't stand the slowly (or not at all) developing plots and the (MUST HAVE) annoying old family members, so i like to stick with the shorter ones.

 ►  Also don't like the historical stories (maybe, because i don't learn and know anything about Korean history and dynasties, sorry), or dramas about law and too much political background. But except these themes, i am opened for everything, and i like trying new things.

 ► I'm not a kpop fan. Sometimes i like listening to korean (pop or other) music, and i kinda know the bands and some of their members (especially if they are acting too, or i saw them in broadcast shows), but not particularly interested in them. Sorry not sorry.


 Especially love OCN's original dramas, i recommend them to everyone who loves a little bit darker and bloodier dramas. (Bad Guys, thoooo!)

► Oh and i am a villain-addict too! :D Nothing better than an outrageously evil villain, well-portrayed by an amazing actor or actress. My favourites so far are Kim Hae Sook in Hotel King's and Nam Gung Min in The Girl Who Sees Scents.

Umm... i think that's all (maybe a little bit too much.... sorry.) Thanks for reading it (u are a hero!), and  i wish you as many enjoyable times as i have while watching dramas! :)

__ The  "nowadays"  c r u s h   list ____________________________________________________
(I have so many, but i don't want a picture-avalanche in my profile, so just put in the actual top 4.

Ji Chang Wook
Nam Gung Min
Song Joong Ki
Lee Sang Yoon

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