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I love historical dramas. When I was young I grew up with TVB dramas. As I watched them raw I am able to speak Cantonese now. Though when I reached my teenage years all those TVB dramas became very boring. Always the same sets, actors, plots and concepts. I switched to western movies and dramas and of course life was hectic and busy during college years. Watching or should I say binging dramas is killing when you have many deadlines and exams. So I took a 20 year break from drama watching. 

I love a good story. The combination of wuxia and a great romance is irresistable. After Eternal Love aka Ten miles of peach blossom I totally fell in love with the Chinese fantasy genre as well.  Though I've watched K dramas for a short period of time I find them relatively plain, slow and draggy in comparison to C dramas. 

I am super glad I found MDL and others who love C dramas as much as I do. Btw I am Chinese, but grew up in Europe. I am currently learning Mandarin so I am less dependent on subtitles...


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