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Hi! :) My name is Elizabeth and I am a Chinese drama addict but I do watch Taiwan, Korean,and Thai dramas too! I started watching dramas due to my mom who is Chinese but immigrated to the US. Even though my mom can speak Chinese, I cannot so if I need translating, guess who I ask to translate for me!! Since I am a drama addict, I usually slack off my studies or do them at the last minute. I like watching mostly dramas that include romance, I don't watch a lot of movies though. Some of my favorite dramas include Zhang Han because I love him and am obsessed with him. I fell in love with him when I watched the drama The Queen of Sop. I am so obsessed with him and I love his acting but I have more favorite actors/actresses too. If you love Zhang Han as much as I do or is a fangirl of him, please send me a friend request!! Also, my dropped list means that I don't have time or I don't feel like watching that drama right now. Even though it's in my dropped list, I will go back to watch those dramas when I have time/feel like watching those dramas. 

Things that I personally love: Dramas (of course :P),listening to music,and drawing 

Things that I personally do not love: Bugs,Unkind/Rude People,Snakes,and Rats

Fact: One of my favorite Kpop group is F(x) :D


-A picture from The  Classic of Mountain and Seas! :) 


A Scene/Moment from Love Me If You Dare: 






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