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In Germany while travelling Asia mentally, devouring great food ;D


In Germany while travelling Asia mentally, devouring great food ;D
Mar 18, 2014

Is everything really as easy as it seems?

NO! Me when they transported the murderer in the car: WHY!? He´s going to cause an accident and escape! (Exactly what happened =_=)

Me when Dong Chan said the murderer is dead: He´s being threatened! (He´s really dead)

Is it really going to be so easy? Who is the murderer of Saet Byul? Why does Dong Chan feel as he knew Ahjumma´s husband from before? Why was the murderer surprised when Dong Chan asked why he had the pic of his mom? What is teh relation between them?

JJAN JJANG DRAMA! You´re always trying to guess! *O*
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Mar 19, 2014

Expected end?

I already thought that it can´t be the other man who died and who they thought it was the murderer! But still, if it´s this man then... isn´t it a bit too easy again? I´m sure there is going to be something unexpected again!! (As always in this Drama :D) But holy shit! The last Scene in the room she was hiding in! It totally creeped me out! What will happen next? Will he kill her? I´m still suspiscious about Ahjumma´s husband, how is he involved in that?

Man this is sooooo good!! >O
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Mar 25, 2014


Seriously I was only waiting for such a Thing! Ahjumma´s husband has been so suspicious! Is he perhaps a tool of the real killer of Saet Byul? And again, you thought you found the killer, but it isn´t!

What does it mean that Dong Chan doubts that his hyung is a murderer? And is that guy who is working in the shop across of Saet Byul´s School going to kill Dong Chan?

Man~ I can´t help repeating it over and over! This Drama is just so good!! >.
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Oct 30, 2014

That's exactly why you shouldn't trust teachers

Ok so first to say: I HAVEN'T read the manga and HAVEN'T watched the japanese drama of Liar Game yet, so I can't compare.

That first scene in the lecture hall reminded me of a different kdrama, but I just can't remember which one... however, I somehow really like that Professor. I assume tat his vharacter is going to be fascinating to me as he is a human lie detector! I hope they reveal somewhere how exactly he can see whether a person is lying or not because that would really interest me! ;)

And OMG that damn teaher!!! I KNEW something like this would happen, it would have been too easy for Da Jung if he were to give her his money. That is EXACTLY why you SHOULDN'T TRUST TEACHERS!!

However, I am really curious to see what that Professor will do to help Da Jeong if he is going to help her.

Looking forward to continuing! :D

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Apr 1, 2014

Man, in my plan it isn´t saying that you´re going to die!

What an ending!!

Me when Jin Ki agreed to turning himself in: "Nah, he won´t. He is going to kill all of them for sure!" And YES, he kills Oh Kwang Hyuk and kidnaps Baek Won!"

Me when Do Young shot himself: "Noooooo! You were supposed to bring your beloved Daddy to jail and marry Baek Won!"

Me when he was lying in bed in Hospital, unconscious: "YES! You´re doing it right! Now wake up! But... wait... is going to die just like Han Joo, Grannie and Il Won did...?"

Me when the PEEP came, showing Do Young died: "I just praised you, what are you doing?! That is not in my plan! You are supposed to wake up and marry Baek Won and live happily ever after!!"

Me when after 3 years they went for a picknick, Baek Won takes out the wheelchair: "Wheelchair? Oh wait! There is somebody sitting in the front!!"

Me when they help Do Young to get into the wheelchair: "My hero! It really doesn´t make sense that you´re still alive, but since you´re following my plan, a bit differently, it´s ok! I love you!"

That´s how you do it, yea! xD

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Shoot that damn a**! - Ok no, don´t even dare!

My reaction when Yeo Ji Hoon was Standing there pointing the gun at Song Kyung Tae, not Shooting: "Shoot! Shoot this damn a**! You were always waiting for that, and now you chicken out?! Shoot!"

A second later: "Wait a second! Song Kyung Tae isn´t F! Don´t you dare shoot him!"

Man, this Drama has it! It kinda reminds me of God´s Gift 14 Days; also there you often think that you finally found the murderer but in the end, he isn´t!
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