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Distressed Sailor Daikon

Distressed Sailor Daikon

☽ ☼ ☾

☼ Pisces (90% online bestie vibes and will cry with you, 10% bitch)

☼ An ambivert, artsy nerd (anime/manga, Marvel, I had a tumblr until 2015, etc.)

☼ Self-taught artist and budding writer. Navigating poetry, blogging, and the art of dialogue.

☼ I torment my friends with lame jokes on the daily - can I get a hi 5 anyone?

☼ Do you enjoy cooking? Lets exchange recipes along with dramas 

☼ I really enjoy writing reviews. I do hope they are useful for you :)

I've been watching K-dramas since my mom stumbled on a family drama in 2007 (?)  on KBS and I believe it was one of the few things that strengthened our mother daughter bond.

☼ My personal rating guide ☼

☽ 10 - 9: Made my heart suffer

Solid plot driven by wonderful, well developed characters. Great chemistry, great character development, and all wrapped up in a satisfying ending leaving me to contemplate my life right after.

☽  8: Made my heart race

Great plot with some minor pitfalls but still a pleasant watch. Well developed characters with decent chemistry and development. Great ending, leaving me to wonder a little about my life right after.

☽  7: My heart was slightly agitated.

 Decent plot but borderline annoying plot-holes. Characters are still lovable but their development is limited. Pleasant but questionable chemistry. I hope for a good ending. Overall not substantial enough to inspire post-drama ponder.

☽  6 and below: My heart was normal. my stubbornness motivated me to finish it. I don't recommend.

(If it's as bad as 2 or 1, my heart was zen - what's the point? Skip it entirely)

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