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I'm MiMi and I never know what to write in the 'about me' section. Hashtag Awkwardness.

So, I guess maybe I should start by saying when I first got into Asian drama? Okay, so I watched a few random Chinese movies at school between 2003 and 2010, as I had to learn Mandarin, but I can't really remember them that much. I still watch the occasional movie in Mandarin, but I really got into Asian dramas in 2012 when I started learning Korean. I think I liked the fact that I could choose which ones I wanted to watch (which may sound weird since I will watch almost any genre, but my Chinese teacher only liked the genres I don't).

I'm not really good at getting into new shows and tend to re-watch the same ones multiple times, so if you have any drama suggestions with a really good first episode and good looking male lead, let me know. Also, if you want to mindlessly spazz about any show we have in common feel free, I don't have enough friends interested in Asian drama to satisfy my need to spazz.

Anyway... I guess that's enough of an introduction right?


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