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Hey there!

I'm Victoria. I come from Poland, but I currently live and study in England. I'm fluent in Polish and English. I can communicate in basic Korean as well, but obviously I still keep trying to improve it @[email protected]

My drama adventure started somewhere in June 2013 with korean drama My Princess. After that? Oh well, I was a victim of this terrible addiction that cost me so many sleepless nights T_T

I really loooove mystery dramas, with some action and thrilling moments, woah! Nevertheless, I appreciate amazing romance parts with incredible chemistry. It can lead to fangirling way too much, but I don't care *o*

If anyone has any recommendations for me on this kind of dramas (that I don't have on my list of course) I would be very grateful! ^_^

So far my favourites are:

1. Empress Ki


2. Healer 


3. I Hear Your Voice


Of course I have so many dramas that I'm obsessed with, but it would be way too long to list them all T_T

MoreovervI'm so much into cute drama couples so much ;_; Sometimes it breaks my heart into thousand pieces... Best OTPs T_T

Those that I keep obsessing al the time are : 

1. Young Shin & Jung Hoo (Healer)


2. Tae Kwang & Eun Bi (School 2015)


3. Boong Do & Hee Jin (Queen In Hyun's Man)


Guys, I'm so weak in great chemistry... I love obsessing couples ;_; As a result, I'm into creating fan-made videos on youtube as well. If anyone wants to find me...

My Youtube Channel: Nomicane

Let me know if you know any more dramas where I can find someone to ship *o*

Also, I'm into KPOP! 

The groups I stan:


That's it for now! Feel free to talk, send me a message or add to friends! ^^ 


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