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I used to be a Japanese drama addict, but Korean productions ended up seducing me. Aaah... Such a bother... Korean dramas are so much more addictive: 2 episodes a week, each ending with intense suspense. Dramas are dangerous!

My first drama ever was "Smiling Pasta" a T-drama in 2007.

I used to be a Jpop lover: my favorite group was KAT-TUN, especially Akanishi Jin. I'm still a fan of Jin. I liked Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa) too!

Now I'm more into Kpop: SM Town stan : SHINee, EXO, TVXQ, f(x).

I don't like the idea of being part of a fan club but I could say I'm Shawol. I love everything about SHINee, each member is amazing. They really shine as a group. I really like Jonghyun's composition and music, it fits my taste perfectly

Jonghyun made me discover Zion.T, I love that artist! Totally addicted with his last album OO, especially the first song Cinema.

Outside of SM Town, I like 15&GOT7VIXX and AKMU.

I love Reply 1988, I was in #TeamTaek.


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