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I am a novice when it comes to watching dramas and movies of korean aspects, american and japanese but when I was a kid I'd always love to watched all of it only that my fortune of watching all of best dramas and movies just came up a little bit late. But I have a lot of dramas/movies been through watching. I hope we have in common in dramas.. Saranghaeyo <3 ;-) 

This what I'm gonna like when I enjoyed watching K-dramas in one sit and at the climax point of the scene will turn to be romantic and cute. It feels like dancing you know.. Gross!


Oppa Chang-wook is my #1 K-actor fan since I watched his acting on Healer, I fell for him easily (HAHA)


Oppa G-Dagon is my #2 because He is talented and soooo handsome and cute.. Ommo!! 


For raining the third in rank is Oppa Nam Joo-hyuk-#3 for showing his cuteness on acting skills specially comedy roles. I so adore you.


These are my top crush K-actors. Now, it's okay to be single as long as I have them. (HEHHE)


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