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Some feelings linger. When the initial rain fades from a fine mist into nothing but a spring scent, you're left with little reminders on your skin. The freshest drops seek out older globules, large beads drink in smaller ones and grow until you're soaking wet. Your skin tingles as the last dry patch shivers in anticipation, your heartbeat mimicking the drizzle as it races down your body. This ambiance is every bit of you; the damp air is your coat, the ground is an extension of your legs and for a single beautiful moment you are aware of just how alive you really are.   

Emotions are a lot like the rain. New emotions look for the comfort of old feelings to grow stronger. Everything you have experienced helps facilitate everything you will experience. The familiar shockwave of goosebumps is like the sensation of cold rain melting into flesh. Your heart trumpets the sound of rain against pavement, beating steadily faster and faster as you're excited. Every smile is like a ray of sunlight refracting into beautiful colors as it whispers through the mist. Even in the darkest corners of the world, rain brings life. Rain brings life just as emotion reminds us we are living.

If emotions are rain, dramas are like clouds. Art, after all, is just a vessel of human emotion much like clouds are vessels of rain. It was the ability to see myself clearly that first drew me to dramas. The more I feel, the more I am able to isolate the source of those feelings. This is true of any art-form - music, for instance, can transport you to a time and place you've long forgotten. A song can shape your senses into a delicate nostalgia, shattering your linear perspective and carrying you to what feels like a distant memory. We are not, however, that far from our memories; art makes sure of this. Every link to every memory brings us closer to everything we have ever lived, and art allows those memories to flood back at a moment's notice. This is the true beauty of everything we absorb - we live vicariously through art.



  • Romance, particularly melodramas or "emotional" romances 
  • Strong / tragic / calm women
  • Protective / intelligent / caring men
  • Great soundtracks 
  • Witty dialogue


  • Blacklist
  • Cheating
  • Love triangles 
  • Secondary male leads 
  • Possessive / creepy / stalker males
  • Spineless women / men


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