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Well, Hi!

I'm Zane and if you're reading this, I'll just take you straight into my points.

Kdramas that I really like (FAVORITE DRAMAS)?

I'm sure this is a basic answer, we all love it when a drama makes us care for the characters (relatability, etc.) and has interesting story to tell, with an ending that makes the viewing comes to a full circle. I only have three dramas that fulfilled my expectation, which are Signal, Age Of Youth, and It's Okay, That's Love.  Y U NO ASK, I definitely recommend these three!!

And then there are dramas that overall are interesting, but when they have finished, they don't leave strong impressions in mind. The dramas here are MUCH BETTER than the dramas with unsatisfying ending or dramas with mediocre story. In fact, it's second to my favorite KDramas. There's just a few things that lack here and there, yet it's near solid that I'm not afraid to recommend them to everyone after my favorite dramas. And these kind of dramas goes to 38 Task Force, Beautiful Mind, Special Labor Inspector Mr.Jo, and Let's Fight Ghost

Name that KDramas with ending you wish you could've change!

Unfortunately, it's Drinking Solo for me. The show started very well until it reached the final episode, when I started to think I was probably watching the wrong show for this particular episode. The wrap up for the main leads arc was far from decent, but I shall look past that because the earlier funny episodes kind of help me overcome it. 

What about the KDrama that really has a mediocre story, but you still finish it anyway?

I have no idea what had gotten into me when I could finished Sweet Stranger and Me. Perhaps, it was the power of Kim Young Kwang. I never followed any of his controversial stuffs, so when I watched him in this show, I didn't have a particular tendency toward him, and I thought he nailed it as a father and awkward boy crushing on lifetime girl next door. I'm sure from all the dramas that I've watched, this must be the one that fared much behind in terms of story and cast. The conflicts are weird and very opposite to the show earlier tone and theme, and the lead girl- man, you could've become a more helpful person for the guy during the conflict, you know.. Instead of demanding him to care more for you.  

Pick one KDrama that makes you feel conflicted!

OhI know this one. It would be Reply 1994. And no, not because of Chil Bong. I didn't get my SLS here. I'm not in the preference for a show that spends all its episodes giving us the gimmick of a husband mystery. I wish there was more staggering obstacles that allowed more character growth for the main couple. And the show just wouldn't step up the game. Fortunately, Reply 1988 could cover the the 'tend to be annoying' husband mystery game with a very solid family story for each household.  

I believe I can enjoy any kind of genre as long as the PD and writers know what they're doing.

It's just a particular taste of mine, so don't get too worked up if you're opposed to my opinion, k? 

Happy watching, 

and Cheers,


P.S. Check my list if you want to see  the dramas I've watched from the best to the worst of the worst.


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