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Quebec, Canada


Quebec, Canada

« It doesn't mean someone is in bigger pain just because he cries louder. » - Just Between Lovers

Hi! My name's Lorie. I'm a casual fan of K-dramas even though I'm really picky and end up dropping half of them. I speak french, english and spanish. I'm also currently studying korean. Don't hesitate to talk to me, even if I probably won't do much except rating shows on this website.

Here are my favorite artists: BTS, The Rose, Taemin, Sewoon, Lovelyz, fromis_9, ELRIS, WINNER, Monsta X, OOHYO, Junggigo, PLT, HyunA, Sunmi, Yubin, EXO, Key, Sam Kim, Zico, A.C.E, Imfact.

Here are my ultimate biases: Yoongi, Taemin, HyunA & Sunmi.

How I rate dramas:

10: Masterpiece, perfect acting, perfect plot, perfect ambiance, perfect OSTs, everything's perfect. I almost never give this rating.

9: Great acting, great ambiance, great soundtracks. The drama kept me entertained from the beginning to the end. Almost perfect plot, but I disliked some minimal details.

8: Very good. A drama that I enjoyed a lot and that I found really interesting. I disliked some of its elements/felt bored at some point/didn't like one of its characters.

7: Good, but I'll probably soon forget about it. Entertaining drama, but nothing memorable. Often too cliché. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still had some enjoyable elements or characters. Usually the rating I give to romcoms.

6: Average. I probably only finished it to support one of the main leads or because I didn't feel like dropping another drama. Okay plot, probably bad acting.

I won't go lower than 6 because I practically always drop a drama when I don't like it. I don't like wasting my time. 

Favorite OSTs: Can You Hear My Heart (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo) -  Stuck In Love (Goblin) - And I'm Here (Goblin) - When I Saw You (Hwayugi) - It's You (While You Were Sleeping)

Songs I need in my life:

Easy Love (SF9) - I Need Somebody (Day6) - Sorry (The Rose) - Babe (HyunA) - I'm good (HENRY) - Hobgoblin (CLC) - Pricked (Mino & Taehyun) - Now, We (Lovelyz) - I Need U (BTS) - I Wait (Day6) - How Can I Say (Day6) - Flame of Love (Taemin) - Moon (Jonghyun) - Jam Jam (IU) - Press Your Number (Taemin) - Jackpot (Block B) - Hate (4MINUTE) - Twenty Four (EXO) - TT (TWICE) - Agust D 


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