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from Lee Min Ki house


from Lee Min Ki house

Hihi~ Call me Ra juseyoo~

Can you believe that I thought Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Trashng was a gay couple?


I first started watching K-movies because I was bored with Bollywood movies. I don't have Netflix, so I couldn't watch American series,,

Youtube recommended some drama clips, and I clicked on them out of curiosity which I did like. So. I looked up Top Ten K-dramas lists, and I became an addict! By the way, my first K-drama is City Hunter. It isn't a strong drama for someone who just started K-drama, but I liked that shitty drama for some reason. It isn't that shitty, but it isn't excellent as well. My first Korean celebrity is Lee Min Ho, so I have watched almost of all his dramas. 

Soon, I found K-pop due to my friend,,, For 5 months, I only listened to same old K-pop songs until I joined a K-pop forum. I was able to keep up with K-pop, and I found my favorite groups which are Big Bang, VIXX, BTS, EXO, Mamamoo, Loona, Dreamcatcher, Red Velvet, Shinee, Seventeen, Monstax , NCT, Winner,  and KARD. I used to stan History until they disbanded........... My ultimate biases are Daesung and Ravi. My female ultimate bias would be Wheein or Solar!

I also watch J-dramas, C-dramas/T-dramas,  and Thai dramas. My first J-drama is Last Cinderella, and I found it cringy. So, I didn't watch J-dramas for a while until I found Love Makes you Cry. J-dramas have this deep meaning behind them, and I love it! Anyway, my first C-drama is Boss and Me? I don't remember, but I dropped it because it was too slow for me. The first C-drama I liked is probably Love Me If You Dare, the leads had no chemistry. However, I really liked other aspects of the drama. Lastly, my first Thai drama is Sotus which is also my first gay drama. I didn't know that there are BL/GL dramas/movies for a long time. I did like Sotus because Arthit is cutest thing ever!!  My first GL drama is Transit Girls, and it was a cute J-drama. It wasn't that good, but it was good for a lesbian drama,, My first lakorn is Kleun Cheewit, and it was so dramatic as expected from lakorns,

So, that's it! I am a huge Asian drama and K-pop addict!! 


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