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Makassar, Indonesia


Makassar, Indonesia

As for now, i work as an assistant lecturer in a private college in my country..

I am an otaku! ^^

I love reading manga! :D
Watching Anime! :D
Playing Game! :D 
Really Love Japanese Culture, since i'm in elementary school! :D
Watching Dramas is just 1 of my obsession in life.. x3

I have a fetish for a cats! :3 i adore that creature so much~ >^w^<

I'm watching mainly J-Doramas right now, I'm on hiatus watching anime, still hold myself for watching K-Dramas (waiting for a good new story to come by), still watching Horror movies every week (that's a must!)

that's it for now.. Yoroshiku~

Announcement!! My laptop is under repairmen, so becuz of the lack of access i'm on hiatus right now... ^^a


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