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You're My Destiny thai drama review
You're My Destiny
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by Dramaaddict07
Jan 5, 2018
17 of 17 episodes seen
Overall 9.5
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
The Thais did it AGAIN. Thai remakes always perfect their plots (Except for Princess Hours). It is like they have a whole bunch of people that sit together to watch the different versions and highlight everything that needs to be changed.

This version has the best storyline. It was logical, with no frills and little dumb moments. The 17 episodes did not feel lengthy at all even though I watched both the Taiwan and Korean versions before! The producers took all the highlights of the previous versions and made it even better by finding the perfect balance between both. Also, they added some background story highlight is 'destiny' part which I felt was a good point. The characters were also sweeter here! Pawut was portrayed softer than the other versions and much less a jerk. HE KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS AND DOES NOT FEAR SHOWING IT.  Wanida was also portrayed better/more likable in this version. She is clumsy and soft, yet not dumb nor naive.

Acting wise, I think the Taiwan version stands out but the thais are close. You could feel the chemistry oozing out of your computer screen when watching the drama. Pawut and Wanida showed their love in every small moment with the looks on their faces! They did well with the emotional scenes as well, which made me cry buckets. The rest of the characters also portrayed their roles really well. The second leads were so caring and sweet which made them a dear to watch.

I was too into the show to pay much attention to the music. But I liked the opening and end! Those within the drama was good, not distracting and fits the mood.

I WILL DEFINITELY REWATCH THIS. I think this plot is cute and will sweeten anyone's day. It has the perfect recipe with just the right amount of twists and sweetness that makes you hooked to know whats coming next! (And even if you watched the other versions, you will still be excited to know whats going to happen!)
Strongly recommend everyone to give this show a try! I honestly like it the most of all the versions. It is like the Taiwan and Korean version had a perfect little baby.

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