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Drama transfers me to another world, world I can't describe but surely, its a beautiful world that I want everybody to feel it too. I tend to get too emotional while watching a drama, but for me, that is what makes my life better, all the time.

I can't remember my first Asian drama because me myself is Asian so I grew up watching local dramas. When I was 11 years old, GTO got the best hype in our school, but I refused to watch it because I read the manga, and the idea of transforming the manga to live actions seems absurd to me, for at that time for I am a serious otaku. Then GTO's slot was replaced by With Love and that is when I watched my first Japan drama. The school journal was full with printout from the drama stills and teruterubozu is one of the most famous nickname on mIRC.

When I was 15 years old, I found the actor and drama that changed my life 180 degrees. On TV was Long Vacation and Kimura Takuya is the main lead. It was a weekly drama, I remember I will eagerly wait in front of the TV for this drama. My favorite up until this moment. Once the drama ended, I aimed to collect money to buy the CD's. I succeed on the next year, even though in CD's form, I keep it safe until now. Such love I have for that drama.

Now that I am working and residing in Japan, it is hard to find some extra time to watch drama but I try my best to watch an episode per day. I usually watch drama with the pairing that I like or look good together even though that drama is that pairings' first time working together. Culturally, I am used to HKdrama, Tdrama and Cdrama. Kdrama impressed me since it opened me up to a new languages and lifestyles, while I can watch Jdrama anytime I want but usually I am just too tired at night.

Rom-coms, crimes and fantasy are my favorite genres and I have a love-hate relationship with melodramas. And whenever I am not watching Asian dramas (either due to slumps or just not in the mood), I switch to western TV series and Bollywood (another culture that I love so much).

There, bits of me. Lets paint this beautiful world with love. :)


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