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About Me

Hey guys, I love asian dramas especially kdramas, jdramas and twdramas. My favourite type of dramas are romantic comedy though I don't mind other genres as you can see on my drama list. I also run asian drama blog on tumblr named dramalatte.

tumblr_static_66kgfcwakx0kw0og04gk8800w.                                   My First Drama                                 tumblr_inline_ns2r6rl2OS1sz1j16_500.gif

Korean Drama -----------------------> My Name is Kim Sam Soon (Highly Rec, so much love 4 characters)

Japanese Drama -------------------> Sailor Moon Live Action (i love the anime so i thought why not)

Taiwanese Drama ------------------> Devil Beside You (Highly Rec, Mike n Rainie OTP 5EVER!!)

Thailand Drama ---------------------> Love Beyond The Frontier (I got lured in by two hot brothers)

Chinese Drama ---------------------> Never Give Up Dodo (GODFREY GAO + raunchy plot nuff said)

tumblr_inline_ns2r7zPKNg1sz1j16_500.gif                               My Favorite List                                        tumblr_inline_ns2r7horNk1sz1j16_500.gif

 My Fav Characters | My Fav OTPs | My Fav Friendships

    My Fav Dramas | My Fav Movies | My Fav Actors | My Fav Actresses

tumblr_inline_ns2wqnh6ja1sz1j16_500.gif                                    My Rating Style                                      tumblr_inline_ns2wqeB3hf1sz1j16_500.gif

10:The drama/movie will always be forever in my heart.

         9 | 9.5: The drama/movie is amazing.. almost perfect.

                   8 | 8.5: The drama/movie is really enjoyable and entertaining.                    

                                  7 | 7.5: The drama/movie is good enough that I don't regret watching it.

                                               6 | 6.5: The drama/movie had few good moments but overall it was meh.

                                                               5 | 5.5: It was barely okay... disappointed with it.

                                                                          4 - 1: WHY headdesk WHY headdesk WHY headdesk WWHHYY!

                                                        Please remember that this is base on my personal enjoyment.

This is usually me at least once or twice a day:

This is me when I am swooning over a character/actor:


This is me when drama/movie/character/actor feels strikes out of nowhere:


This is me when I finish an amazing drama/movie:

                                                                         At first:


                                                                 After some time:



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