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Hi everyone! Welcome to my page. Thought I'd take some time to introduce WHO I AM,  MY INTERESTS, and MY THOUGHTS ON DRAMAS (including a scale on how I rate dramas!).

WHO I AM: Although I'm born and raised in America, I was taught Chinese from a young age. I love my Chinese heritage– being Chinese has provided me with cultural insights and viewpoints that are irreplaceably valuable, and it is a vital and essential part of my identity; I would not trade it for anything in the world. I am an undying believer in equal rights for and treatment of all people, regardless of their ethnicity, race, religious, sexual orientation/preference, etc. I believe in respecting other's opinions regardless of how they might differ from mine as long as they are not insensitively rude, hateful or harmful towards others. I am a ridiculously huge stan of Kris Wu, V, and Cai Xukun (I'll attach my favorite photos of all of them underneath). I am a diehard food addict, and bubble tea is my kryptonite. I am a sleep-deprived student who's dying in AP Bio and a stressed-out middle child. I am a girl who loves to sing but lacks the ability and a dreamer who's scared of the future. I am a teenager still finding her way in life: come join me as I do!




MY INTERESTS: I love K pop, particularly BTS and EXO, so I WOULD LOVE ANY SONG RECOMMENDATIONS THAT YOU HAVE. Feel free to "pester" me about K pop as much as you want; believe me when I say that it's definitely not annoying for me :) I love Chinese drama OSTs (they make me unbelievably emotional and I start crying sometimes ngl). I'll attach links of my favorite songs under this section. I love swimming and playing lacrosse, and there's nothing I enjoy more than creating and looking at other people's art. I think that because there is no "right" or "wrong" in art, as well as "good" or "bad," art is what we make of it, and I think that that is beautiful in itself. I love discovering new music and collecting albums (and same goes for books!). This is about as much I have to say on my interests, hope you feel that you know me better now!

K POP (it's ongoing I promise!):

- I'm Fine

- Airplane Pt. 2

- Tear

- Overdose

- Treasure


- 星月 (Sweet Combat)

- 想你想到快疯了 (Meteor Garden)

- 爱, 存在 (Meteor Garden)

- 三生三世 (Eternal Love)

- 凉凉 (Eternal Love)

- 不染 (Ashes of Love)

- 左手指月 (Ashes of Love)

- 不该 (Ice Fantasy)

- 只是朋友 (Whirlwind Girl Season 2)

- 少年时 (When We Were Young)

MY THOUGHTS ON DRAMAS: As a person who learned Chinese before she did English as a young child, I definitely tend to watch more Chinese dramas (although I have started to watch progressively more and more Korean dramas), so you can definitely hit me up for Chinese drama recommendations (or give me a recommendation) whenever! I'm always on the lookout ;) The first drama I ever watched was the Whirlwind Girl, and the first K drama I ever watched was Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, so each definitely has a special place in my heart. The only personalized list I have made as of now (12/21/2018) is my favorite dramas list, which I hope you guys will take the time to check out! It's basically the list of all of the dramas that I have rated 10 stars (meaning that they left deep impacts on me and have taught me many lessons about life). I put extremely meticulous care and consideration in picking them out and ordering them, so I'd really appreciate it if you took a look! Wuxia/fantasy dramas and youth dramas (usually true slice-of-life ones) are my top favorite genres, although I do enjoy the occasional good melodrama. Romance is either a hit or a miss for me. 

A scale for how I rate dramas:

10: A drama that resonated deeply and profoundly with me. This drama may not suit the interests/desires of everyone, but it's perfect to me. I treasure these dramas and love them because of their flaws, not in spite of them.

9-9.5: These dramas were solid and highly enjoyable. 9 is generally for a drama that is well-made and well-casted, although rather lacking in leaving a lasting impact. 9.5 is generally for a drama that is extremely enjoyable but lacked a certain, rather unnameable quality that prevented me from rating it a 10. Additionally, most of these dramas will have beautiful OSTs that are worth checking out. These dramas are all highly recommended!

8-8.5: This is where my ratings get a little flippy. These dramas tend to be rather dragged out, back-and-forth (the plot doesn't advance), or pointless, but also interspersed with enjoyable moments. However, a few 8.5's are rather higher than they really should be rated due to unbelievably stellar OSTs. The casting/acting may be rather questionable in these dramas. Overall, these dramas aren't very highly-rated in my book, but could be still worth watching!

7-7.5: This is probably the lowest that I'll ever rate a drama (if I dislike a drama even lower than this rating, it will be dropped and unrated). These are for dramas in which the music wasn't memorable, the characters/acting (or both!) is unbearable, and it is a struggle for me to even finish the story. These dramas, in my opinion, are simply not worth your time when there are likely better dramas to be watched. Beware!

I hope that this biography has helped you understand me a little better. I'm excited to keep on discovering the magic of dramas and to be a part of a diverse and close-knit community that understands me! I hope I'll get to know you soon :)


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