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He's a Woman, She's a Man hong kong movie review
He's a Woman, She's a Man
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by bakakokoro
Apr 8, 2012
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
This movie is a campy fun blast to the past. With all the recent trends of gender bender in Asian dramas, it's fun to look back at something from before, when it was more unique to use this plot story. The story itself is fun and well paced, nothing is really going to surprise you, but Peter Chan and his cast make that ok by delivering a sophisticated light comedy/drama. The main actress and actor do a phenomenal job. Yuen does a good job as a boy, and still comes off as loveable and sweet, without being annoying or overbearing. you can't help but root for her. Leslie Cheung is spot on with his role, and the supporting cast do a great job as well. I will say one stumbling block for many will be the age of this film, at almost 20 years old it might be a turn off for some. I think however that if a film is good, time doesn't really matter. And this film, in my opinion, seems to hold up well. I would also like to note that there are some more adult scenes in this movie (unlike so many of the closed lip kiss is the climax of many other films). So please take into consideration that this is definitely geared towards adults. Overall I would say if you like GB stories and don't mind the old school feel this is definitely a movie you should check out.
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