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Miao Miao
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by insertrandomcoolname

Nov 27, 2012
Overall 7.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
Story: This movie is slow paced with not much drama and a very small plot. In a nut shell it’s a foreign exchange student, Miao Miao, trying to find love and figure out why the one she loves is sad. The rest of the movie is her and her friend Ai goofing off, talking about life and such. It’s a story about life, friendship and loving someone you never thought you would. I prefer faster paced movies with a deeper plot and engaging drama. This one is more like A Gentle Breeze in the Village in the sense of pace and plot. Ai is a normal teenage girl with normal friends. None of them are good at baking and they love to joke around and goof off. Miao Miao is an exchange student from Japan who is very quiet and shy. The two girls hit it off right away and spend the majority of their time together. They are normal teenage girls. In the end Miao Miao falls in love with a guy who is so self absorbed and depressed. He spends his time with noise cancelling headphones on and searching for CD to help him remember his lost love and best friend. Ai, thinks Miao Miao spends too much time with him and is jealous. She wants Miao Miao all to herself, but not for reasons she thinks. A warning to prudes: there are underlying homosexual tendencies in this movie. Nothing even remotely ‘graphic’ though. In all there are two different main love lines in this movie, a third in the background. None of them bloom by the end which really disappointed me. I found it a little too boring and disappointing. I wanted something more to happen and develop between the characters, but nothing ever did. In all it’s a good short movie to watch if you want something a little more light-hearted that deals with friendship and finding the one you truly love. Music: Honestly, it never made that much impression on me. I do remember that in the second hand CD shop it sounded like a lot of indie music. That wasn’t too bad. Honestly, I was more focused on what was going on in the movie than the tunes. Cast/Acting: They weren’t bad, but they weren’t amazing either. Personally, I really invested myself into them, trying to figure out who they were and just what the hell was up Chen Fie’s ass. I loved Pinna Sandrine’s characters. While she was immature and goofy there was a sadness to her. Her parents aren’t together, she caught her dad in bed with a woman, and she loves someone who won’t love her back. This was the first movie I’d seen Ke Alice in, but I was impressed. I know her major from college was English, but she did really good with Japanese. There wasn’t a whole lot spoken, but she really nailed it. Her acting was just as good, she really seemed shy and introverted. Rewatch Value: 7 READ MORE DRAMA AND MOVIE REVIEWS HERE:
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