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Irresistible Love - Secret of the Valet
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by Exeo

Oct 5, 2016
Overall 9.5
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 7.0
Plot After 6 years spent in England, Xie Yan (XY) returns back home. He immediately comes to find Shu Nian (SN), who resumes his role of a servant. In a sense, the two revive their childhood days after a long separation. However, SN does not seem happy about XY’s return. What turn will their relationship take next? Overall, the story was not exaggerated, but somehow emotions are conveyed very well – sense of injustice, annoyance, care, worry… One can feel them all very strongly during the movie. Characters - Xiao Nian - unlucky orphan with a great heart. Very good at hiding his feelings, after years of service he became very proficient at obeying orders, quietly accepting his fate. - Xie Yan – selfish, dominant, possessive, but deep down also caring. - Jiang Yao – not shown in great detail in the movie, but seems to fail to understand love. Great actors, very natural acting. Music – fitting, but not very noticeable or particularly good. Other comments - XY was too dominant, which makes the relationship become abusive, especially at the beginning. However, one might argue that by showing this characteristic so clearly, the movie emphasises that this is a problem. - The development of their relationship could be shown in more detail and in greater depth. - Also, the movie contains a really interesting theme of an orphan, who basically becomes a servant to the heir of his adoptive family. The aspect of SN’s loyalty and servitude is clearly shown, but maybe this could be expanded upon further. - Some moments were a little difficult to understand, but that might be due to the quality of subtitles. Generally, a really interesting and good movie. Would especially recommend it to those who: - like BL movies - are not typical BL audience, but are looking for a romance movie with an interesting plot - are interested in stories of orphans
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