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Suspicious Partner korean drama review
Suspicious Partner
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by hardpliers
Jul 13, 2017
40 of 40 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
I'm a huge fan of romantic and suspense thriller type of movies and dramas that involve court cases and the law. When I saw the trailer of this I was utterly hyped up and knew that I was going to love it. And I was a 100% correct. The story had me drawn in since the very first episode. I had a heart attack from the main characters' chemistry. I mean, Ji Chang Wook is a gorgeous and handsome actor, no doubt. Even though I wasn't familiar with any dramas starring Nam Ji Hyun, she made a very positive first impression, which was more than enough for me to become interested in her, and eventually becoming her fan. The other actors were spectacular as well, especially the lawyer squad and the main suspect, Jung Hyun Soo. I was really surprised at how much I pitied a very dark criminal. The storyline wasn't boring at all and I liked how it progressed right until the end. I was in two minds whether to give this drama a lower review, however, I loved how the creators of this drama didn't run out of ideas and finished this series with a boom. Another thing I want to point out is the OST. It translated all of the emotions and the songs were very fitting with the situations and the characters. I would highly suggest you not only to watch this drama, but to check out the OST as well! Overall, a lovely drama that surely became one of my favorites on the list! Very interesting, tragic and romantic storyline with leave you with many different (and of course unforgettable) emotions!
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