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            There comes a time when a blind man takes your hand and says, “Can't you see?”

My favorite actors are Ji Chang Wook, So Ji Sub, Kim Mi Kyung and Han Hyo Joo.
My first drama is IRIS. My first movie is 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant.

Favorite OTP:



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And my favorite cutie pie - Healer/ Seo Jung Hoo/ Park Bong Soo

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Second Lead Syndrome Club

Baek In Ho (Cheese in the trap)

     tumblr_o1s8hhhHys1to20fio1_250.gif    tumblr_o1s8hhhHys1to20fio2_250.gif    tumblr_o1s8hhhHys1to20fio4_250.gif

Seo Ha Joon (Sassy Go Go)

    tumblr_nwybcm8frM1ukned2o1_500.gif     tumblr_nwybcm8frM1ukned2o2_500.gif

 Ji Soo

"Heartbreak hotel" or #crush2016

My summer obsession:

                                                                   W - Two Worlds


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One day my friend made me listen to 1004 by BAP and then I fell in love with Jung Daehyun



And this is how she ruined my life... but I love it! (◕‿◕)


I also like this boy - Lee Gikwang ♥ 

                                  And this one too - Mark Tuan ♥


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