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Muhyul and King Sejong (ATWDR), Doctor’s Son
Kim Seung YooLee Gun, Lee Bang Won, Muhyul and Lee Bang Ji (SFD)
 are my favorite male characters

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Oh Hye WonSeo Bom, Ra Mi Ran, Jang Ok Jung (JOJ)
 and Park Min Sook are my favorite female characters  

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My favorite antagonists: MishilSeok HoonRyu Tae Oh, Gil Tae Mi and Jamie

Special mention to the most heartbreaking character for me: Bidam
 "Hopes... Born of Mishil's dreams. Reared for Munno's dreams.Weren't you using me for yours?"


I know my favorite dramas are not the best, but I really enjoyed them for one reason or another. I LOVE to laugh with a rom-com like I did with FTLY, and I want to CRY like a child like I did with KMHM, I'm already missing the personalities. 

About my ratings, I always think about the genre. I have to laugh with a comedy, fell in love with a romantic drama, feel the tension in a mystery/crime drama... 
I also keep an eye in the photography, for example I enjoyed SLA and Valid Love
's. Music is also important, I'll never forget KMHM OST. FTLY OST was so epic, they use a lot of songs of movies that I personally love, like The Classic and Old Boy. The music of SLA is perfection.
I can't forget the story to rate a drama, I can't ignore dramas with a complex plot like Cruel City or SFD.

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My favorite couples

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Best kisses!! *-*

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Best friendships & Bromance *-*


My favorite Korean movie is The Classic for many reasons. I love both love stories, the photography is beautiful, and the OST unforgettable. It's true that it's a little bit slow and maybe it's a film with a lot of cliches, but I can't do anything else that love this film. I'll never forget Joon Ah, never. 

But, I have another favorite movie, 3-iron. The story, the music, the dialogues (yes I said the dialogues lol), the photography, the acting. I can see this film like 5486425484 times and I'll be impressed like the first time. It's just beautiful. 



I like a lot of actors and actresses, but the one that I really admire is Choi Min Shik.
I also love Byun Yo Han's acting. I fell for his acting when I watched Misaeng. Now I can't do anything else than see all of his works. He's versatile, he works well in a lot of genres. 

"Laugh, and the world laughs with you...Weep, and you weep alone."

  FAVORITE OST                                                                                                                                 

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