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I LOVE ASIAN DRAMAS! It's hard to choose which I love more, jdramas or kdramas, but I think jdramas win. I love them both though! The first drama I've ever seen was a jdrama called Absolute Boyfriend. I discovered it from the author's notes from one of the fanfictions I was reading. The author hadn't updated her story in a long time, and her note consisted of the reason why. She had been spending her time watching Absolute Boyfriend instead of updating her story, and I had to know what the hell was so great about this thing. Ever since then, I've been addicted! I think I took a dab into kdramas right after that, and the first one I saw was Boys Before Flowers. I really wish I could remember the name of the fanfic that introduced me into the world of asian dramas, but I just can't. Anyways, that's all there really is to my origin stories lol. Hope I can be of some help to anyone who's interested in jdramas or kdramas, and thanks for checking out my page. :D


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