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pale moonlight

trying not to die

pale moonlight

trying not to die
Favorite Dramas (overall)
14 0

Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan is my favorite drama of all time. The rest follow in succession. A drama usually becomes one of my favorites…

Favorite Dramas 2018
1 0

Favorite dramas of 2018!!! This list only includes dramas that have aired in 2018, not necessarily dramas that I've seen in 2018 that aired…

Dramas Completed in 2018
7 0

Dramas that I completed in 2018 in order of their completion. Contains dramas that aired in 2018 as well as past dramas from previous years. 

Favorite Actresses List #1 (actively follow)
7 0

This is a list of my favorite actresses. I became a fan after the first work I saw them in!! I also like a couple of other actresses but I do…

Movies Completed in 2018
4 0

Movies that I completed in 2018 (in order of their completion)!! Includes movies from past years and from 2018. 

Favorite Actors
7 0

Generally not a huge fan of actors, but I do tend to at least check out the works of these people. 

Chinese Dramas and Movies Adapted from a Novel
25 0

This is a list of Chinese dramas and movies that I have completed and were adapted from a Chinese novel. 

Favorite Dramas 2017
6 0

My favorite dramas of 2017!! This list only includes dramas that aired in 2017. The First Half of My Life and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms are…

Completed Works of Yang Mi
7 0

As a big Yang Mi fan, I'm going to watch as much of her stuff (mostly the stuff that she's got a lead role in unless I really dislike…

Daylight Entertainment Productions
18 0

A list of dramas produced by 正午阳光 Daylight Entertainment. This company/production team produces good and high quality Chinese dramas.…

Favorite Actresses List #2 (like, but don't follow as much)
6 0

This is a list of actresses different from my other Favorite Actresses list as the actresses in this list are people that I like because of…

Dramas Completed in 2016
6 0

Dramas Completed in 2016 in alphabetical order. 

Dramas Completed in 2017
15 0

Not all dramas will have aired in 2017. I started watching a bunch of dramas at the very beginning of 2017 and would like to keep track of how…