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Been watching dramas since 2011, when I discovered this new world. 

Since there, a lot of hours and days have been consumed just by dramas and movies, what made me discover a 'new world' that I wasn't used to. 

I went through several phases over the years, from been addicted in the beginning (to the point of losing sleeping hours to watch episodes, and spending all day watching a drama), to not watching nothing for a few months (because i lost interest at the time). But slowly I'm going back to watch more and more dramas, without any crazy overnights, just taking my time and watching it in my free time, a more healthy phase now.

First drama: Boys Over Flowers (Korean) //  Hana Yori Dango (Japan) 

First Taiwanese Drama: It Started with a Kiss

First Chinese Drama: The Queen of SOP 

First Thai Drama: Full House 



Been into Kdramas, it was only a matter of time until I fell into the k-pop world. I also had phases, from the start where everything was new and excited (where i used to listen to anything), to the time I found my fandom and my only group (EXO), (and was really active in the fandom), to now, still an EXO-L, but not as active as before, just enjoy the group and k-pop in general (but with less enthusiasm). 

Fandom: EXO-L 

Ultime Group: EXO

Ultime Bias: Kim Junmyeon / Suho ♥︎


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