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Human Realm; Panicking about everything !


Human Realm; Panicking about everything !
I won't tell you that you wasted your time coming here for absolutely nothing ...cuz you already know that 

...but here's a catch you get to know about me ...aah that's more than just waste of time because they won't ask about me in your next exam lol!  

Generally people ask me what am I like ...umm to answer in a few words ...
"Even I don't know"
but you may apply all the math you can possibly wrap your head around and find it yourself.
all I assume  about myself is ...
I am a friendly sleepy person who wouldn't sleep over an open ending is a binge watcher !
I disappear at times but rest assured as long as I am alive I'll be back !
I love to write reviews and articles and even comments...anything that involves vocab is my thing - speaking too  lol  but that doesn't concern you !
I do not accept requests from people who are not active on FEEDS! ...sorry ! 
Poster credit goes to @feelingly for me and @saarthak@aehsassy for you all! 

 Now if you are done staring get going lol 
I have nothing more to tell you ! 


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