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Human Realm; Panicking about everything !


Human Realm; Panicking about everything !
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Best Non Romance K-Drama

I suppose the title says it all ....just vote for the best non romace k-drama according to you ....You can add the drama by typing the name…

137 titles 219 loves 21 comments
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Dramas where FL stole the show ...

it's just what you see in the title ....but to make it more precise I am looking for shows like ...My Mister ...where FL's character is important…

89 titles 26 loves 21 comments
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Dumbest Female Lead

Out of sheer curiosity I wanted to know who you consider as the dumbest FL in drama land....I would prefer to see Korean and Chinese titles…

102 titles 12 loves 39 comments
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Being a fan ain't easy

So as we all know not all the projects our fav actors/ actresses choose are extremely amazing ….and hence being a fan and following their…

34 titles 7 loves 9 comments
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who do you envy ?

you can chose who you envy and even prioritize them ....we know that each power comes with a burden, but why to consider every aspect as if…

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K-Dramas that hold the top spot in my watchlist

K-dramas that I rated the highest ...and would rec for sure ......

14 titles 10 loves