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It all started with Inuyasha.

When I found my daughter reading Inuyasha fanfiction years ago, I read the fanfic myself because I'm a nosy mom like that. Even though I knew nothing of the story the fanfic was based on, I found myself fascinated. I wanted to know more about these characters, so I searched online until I found the anime and manga scans. A whole new world opened up to me. Inuyasha led to Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, Absolute Boyfriend, and many others.

It was while I was searching for a new manga to read that I came across something billed as a "live action" version of a manga I'd read - Vampire Host. Intrigued, I downloaded and watched it. It was corny as heck but I couldn't look away. I wanted more. More searching led to Koishite Akuma and RH Plus (I was specifically looking for more vampire dramas), then I stumbled across Mei-chan no Shitsuji. The title was familiar as a manga, so I watched it.

That show should've come with a warning label.

Hysterically over-the-top and awesomely cheesy, I was hooked. Mizushima Hiro became my first Japanese actor "crush" (poor fella). Soon, I was downloading Jdrama after Jdrama and marathoning like there was no tomorrow.

After about 2 years, I finally ran out of Jdramas to watch. I'd caught up with all the "classics" like Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi, Pride, etc. and there wasn't anything currently airing that interested me. So after some hesitation, I decided to try Kdramas.

I started off with You're Beautiful. It took a while to grow accustomed to another language, but the drama was like crack. I followed it up with Coffee Prince, Full House, and Boys Over Flowers. Crack, crack, and more crack.

It's been several years since then and I haven't regretted a moment (except those spent wasted watching a crappy drama). I still watch the occasional Jdrama, but there's just not much that fits my tastes. I've recently started watching a few TW dramas, and some have been outstanding - Mars and In Time With You two name a couple.

I'm fortunate to have family and friends who were willing to see for themselves what my "addiction" is all about.


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