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I am an ESL teacher to Koreans and started to love watching Korean dramas and movies since year 2000. ^^ 

What I really love about Korean  dramas are that they are not boring and usually the stories are short (unless I'm watching a historical drama :p ). 

Here are some of my favorite Korean actors along with the drama/movie that I really like that they had starred:

1. Park Yoochun (I'm really a big fan of Yoochun because aside from his singing talent he is also a great actor.) Yoochun/243.jpg Yoochun/yc2gif.gif

I love his acting in Rooftop Prince!!! ^^ prince/rooftopprince5.jpg

2. Jung Woo Sung

A Moment To Remember / Padam Padam moment to remember/amomenttoremember.jpg

3. Kim Rae Won 

(Editing of my profile is to be continued... :D) 

You will notice that I always make my reviews short because I don't want to put some spoilers on it and I just want to tell my opinion about what I felt while watching those dramas and movies. ^^


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