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26歳, 本物の幽霊です~


Music is love.

One Ok Rock is my forever love.

As far as k-pop, I'm a proud ARMY.
You might also find me listening to: BoA, Block B, BAP, Got7, Vixx, C-Clown D:, f(x), Outsider, Epik High, BTOB, Monsta X, 24K, KNK etc.

Recent love: Pentagon, SF9, NCT (specifically 127)

Current Attended Events:

SMtown 2012 in Anaheim (.. I think)
BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 in Anaheim
Nu'est LOΛE Tour 2013 in Nagoya, Japan
ONEOKROCK World Tour 2014 in LA
BTS Live Trilogy 2015 (LA)
ONE OK ROCK w/ Sleeping With Sirens & All Time Low (Mesa, AZ) 2015
Infinite 2nd World Tour (LA) 2016
Got7 Fly in USA (LA) 2016
ONEOKROCK North American Tour 2017 (San Francisco, CA)
BTS Wings Tour 2017 (Anaheim, CA)
One Ok Rock 2017 (Tempe, AZ)



Dramas are also love.

Bridal Mask, Bloody Monday, Coffee Prince, You're Beautiful, Ghost, God's Quiz, Hammer Session, Hidarime Tantei EYE, Iljimae, Yasha

And way more. 

My favorite genres are, if it's not already obvious: Suspense, Thriller, Action, Psychological, Comedy, Tokusatsu, etc. 

I would really appreciate any recommendations (:

Dramas I don't really prefer: Mostly Romance or Melodrama.

First k-dramas:

  1. * Iris
  2. * Coffee Prince

First j-dramas:

  • (Honestly I don't even remember.. but probably something like..)
  • * Gokusen
  • * Bloody Monday

Important thing to know about me:
My ratings don't really make any sense. Anything from 8 to 10 is something I really enjoyed and sometimes 8 is the same as 10, 7 to 8 is generally good, and below that is eh..

I'll keep it simple and leave it here. 


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