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Mondai no Aru Restaurant (2015)

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Tanaka Tamako had been working for a male-dominated restaurant business but was betrayed by her boyfriend who was hired as the chef. In addition, she is taken to the police as a result of an incident she caused because her friend Fujimura Satsuki was subjected to sexual harassment. Tamako resigns from her unreasonable company and starts a bistro selling homemade pot-au-feu on a rooftop in an alley in Jingumae, Tokyo. This is read morethe story of females who are labelled “write-offs” and the restaurant they have established in order for them to get out from life’s abyss. They battle difficulties and search for ways to change their lives as they experience the joys of work. This is a problem restaurant because they are all females with problems, but it is certainly not lousy. The women who have a common enemy – men, and the restaurant unites them in a fight to the death.

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    A Restaurant With Many Problems;

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Oct 23, 2015
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 4.5
I don't usually watch many dramas like this i.e ones that are about friendship and not romance or food but I have to say this drama went through the motions of everything equally,each character grew and developed,the music was simply amazing and the cameo of Pamyu was just the cherry on the cake.

These women are bonded together in a way that makes you as a viewer intrigued,it goes beyond simply being read more connected through Tanaka Tamako as we find out in the first episode.Each woman has her own struggles and pain which is uncovered and healed somewhat through the comfort of their friendship with each other.They are united in their struggle against what I think all women struggle with,the male hierarchy in the world.They fight against this to succeed but its not a fame thing its more humble,they simply want to produce nice food that warms people.

And in the end I began to realise I didn't want this to a romance because that would simply ruin a good show and break such a beautiful friendship between 7 women..

Ken Yasuda's performance for me was just the best.. as well as Yoko Maki,I couldnt stop thinking about her performance afterwards.I cried when she cried and laughed when she laughed.She is a superb actress
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Sep 6, 2015
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.5
Before I even get into my pros and cons, I just want to say I am in love with the concept of this drama and it's story. I am extremely glad I came across this and decided to watch it before others on my list!

Story | Sexism in life is the main theme. Several women who are in the work force deal with sexism constantly and due to certain circumstances end read more up working together at a restaurant started up by the main heroine. Just like the title, it is a restaurant with many problems. Exactly like women in the work force. But the restaurant becomes a safe place and a place for them to work without the prejudice and discriminations that are usually used against working women. These are real life issues that real life women (and even men) deal with daily.

Cast | At first I was kind of "meh" about the cast but as the episodes went on and the characters started to develop, I had zero issues with the actors or their acting. Everyone had great chemistry together and it worked out perfectly. Though there is quite a number of serious moments, the actors were able to also give off comedic vibes to keep the drama going and I loved those moments. Maki Yoko was a strong in this drama. She gave her character the perfect amount of courage, sympathy, anger etc. Can I just add how much I loved Yasuda Ken's character. Best. Character. Ever. Anyways, I believe every character had their own unique color and the actors were able to portray that extremely well.

Music | Instrumentals during scenes and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's OST Mondai Girl was the ending theme. I scored low only because I'm not much into that type of music. The song is ok but just not my style.

Rewatch | Not too sure. I think I'll more recommend this people than actually rewatch it myself.

Overall | It's not a bad drama. I actually think it's quite an important drama because these types of issues aren't usually the main theme of a drama. These are real life issues that happen everywhere in the work place and it's disgusting. So many double standards and the following of Confucianism in the Asian culture is a big issue that I wish was talked about more. Unfortunately, I am only disappointed with this drama because 1. it was only 10 episodes long (which is normal for Japanese dramas) and 2. because it was so short, a lot of situations that should (or I thought should have) have been focused on more were only glimpsed at and a lot of big situations in this drama were opened and instead of being closed completely, they were slightly left open leaving me not feeling content.

I can't lie though, the issues and how things were dealt with and positive things that were said, made me happy. I can genuinely say I liked this drama. It's a nice short drama that you can get through in a couple of days or a weekend. Please give it a chance!
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They gave me similar feelings. Although Mondai no.. is a lot more in depth with issues around social construct, they're both about women that aren't afraid to stand for their beliefs and move on with their lives.
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Both involve a young female chef and her enviroment as she strives to become better at her job.. both involve her competition with a male aspiring chef and the way that competition improves their life.
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    Antonin Jul 18, 2017

    Just here for Maki Yoko!

  • Reply
    Leeyhan Apr 19, 2017

    Honestly my favorite drama ever! never has a drama touched me like this one

  • Reply
    jagasthesecond Mar 11, 2017

    This show literally warmed my heart with their food. This makes me want to a make pot-au-feu! Now, how to make pot-au-feu...

  • Reply
    BrightestStar Feb 5, 2017

    I totally loved it! Not only was the story amazing, the cast (especially the female) great, but the dialogs were the best! Women's issues were well explored but also the theme of revenge and forgiveness.

  • Reply
    INFIRES Nov 21, 2016

    Well sure it wasn't the best or most perfect ending, but it was great.

  • Reply
    INFIRES Nov 21, 2016

    How are they able to openly molest and harass females?? :(( Fking a-holes.

  • Reply
    Asianfireflies Oct 31, 2016

    this drama really good..Every character has a different struggle with life..worth watching!!

  • Reply
    zombiehero Jul 14, 2016

    For me the first couple of episodes were really hard to get through because they made me so frustrated and ANGRY, how unfair treatment some characters got, how shitty people can be. But in the end it's a very uplifting and heartwarming story about a bunch of different people who find a place they belong - whether that be a geographical location or a circle of friends. Overall it's a very well made drama, the only character I felt was lacking was Tanaka herself. A bit one dimensional, I could appreciate the idea of her and her values - I just didn't feel like she was a "real" person the way I felt with the other characters. But I definitely recommend it if you like food/drama/friendship type stories!

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    3ngin33r Jul 3, 2016 - edited

    It was a beautiful journey

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    scarleT May 15, 2016 - edited

    I really hope this series is renewable for a second season!! What amazing character development!! Too short for 10 episodes, it needs more!!! I praise the writing for tackling serious oppressions in society, like sexism in the work place and beyond. It captures so much, cross-culturally what women have and continue to go through. Especially in terms of sexual harassment and violence. I would call many of the instances violence, rather than just harassment. I found myself cringing at the amount of BS these women went through, and then I'm like, 'for reals,' this shit happens everywhere and it's unjust. I wish there were more dramas that focused on serious issues like this! LOVED IT!!

  • Reply
    Kikka Jan 25, 2016

    Loved this drama! It portrayed real life problems and situations really well....definitely worth a watch! XD

  • Reply
    tropka Dec 23, 2015

    Greasy old ass men being overly familiar with women half their age is a bloody plaque. They're like a species all on their own and you can find them in different habitats like your family, workplace and neighborhood. Those two uncles from Symphonic are the perfect example of their typical modus operandi

  • Reply
    realdeal Dec 22, 2015

    Matsuoka, Nikaido, Mitsuki talent-wise this 3 actress will be the future of japanese that sense this drama is like waterboys who produce takayuki, tsubamuki, eita and moriyama.

  • Reply
    onesnowyday Dec 7, 2015

    one of the best dramas of 2015. I was completely absorbed in the plot and cast the entire time. I think it displayed many real life problems really well. All of the actors/actresses did an amazing job.

  • Reply
    Cntrldfusion Nov 16, 2015

    I came across this drama completely by random and ended up watching all 10 episodes at one time. One of the best dramas of the year.


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    Jan 15, 2015 to Mar 19, 2015
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