Can You Hear My Heart

Can You Hear My Heart (2011)

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Family relationships can be complicated and tortured. Bong Woo Ri is a loving, dutiful daughter who does her best to accommodate the needs of her deaf mother and mentally challenged stepfather. After a tragedy that takes the life of her mother, Woo Ri’s step-brother, Bong Ma Roo, leaves after promising to come back but never does. As Woo Ri grows up and searches for her stepbrother, she meets Cha Dong Joo, a read moreyoung man from a wealthy family who is tortured by family secrets that he witnessed as a boy. Although Dong Joo lost his hearing in a childhood accident, he has learned to compensate for his disability so that he can keep his deafness a secret from those around him. Dong Joo and Woo Ri learn that they are connected by Ma Roo, who has taken on a new identity as Jang Joon Ha. How will the three reconcile their unexpected connection?

  • Native title:

    내 마음이 들리니
  • Also Known as:

    Do You Hear My Heart ; Listen to My Heart ; Nae Maeumi Deulrini

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Sep 16, 2011
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
'Can You Hear My Heart' has a lot of the same drama tropes that most, 30 + episode melodramas have: Revenge plot, evil parents, childhood trauma, childhood love. It had some of the same archetypes: The evil antagonist, the chaebol hero, the innocent, unassuming heroine. It could have been a standard melodrama lost in a sea of other melodramas. But it is not. I loved every one of the 30 episodes of read more Can You Hear My Heart. Two things that made me fall in love and stay there for this drama:

1) The Characters and primarily their core relationships made this story extraordinary. Cha Dong Ju and Bong Woo Ri and their love story; once it began there was no wavering. It was a solid loving relationship that had the perfect mix of sweetnes, spark and friendship. Bong Woo Ri and her father and grandmother; when you watch, you will realize why this family is so special. Cha Dong Ju and Bong Ma Ru; their brotherhood, their bromance and the way they loved and looked out for each other. There were countless ways in which these core relationships and the love that sustained them, helped them overcome the trials they went through. Now that this show is over I feel like the message at the core of this drama is sometimes, in spite of blood ties or the lack of, your family is made up of the people you choose and those who have chosen you. It is sacrifice, loyalty and never giving up on or hoping for, the person you love with all your heart.

2) The writing was very solid. It felt like there was a real story line trajectory rather than on the fly, off the cuff script writing that sometimes takes place to appease the masses/ratings. I got the feeling this story was planned from the start and stayed on course. There were beautiful words brought to life on screen by the actors. My above raving about the characters and friendships wouldn't exist without this writer's insight and story telling ability. The themes of family, loyalty and love rose above the necessary story/drama propulsion of revenge, hate and hardships.

There were other things to love as well. The cinematography was great. It was a pretty sweeping story as 30 episode dramas tend to be, so the sweeping views and pretty color palette fit the story and scope.

I loved the way they handled Cha Dong Ju's deafness. He was such a strong character all throughout the story. He had moments of fear and uncertainty but mostly he was brave and wonderful. The "writing" always treated the physically or mentally challenged characters with dignity...even if some of the characters within the story didn't always do the same. Does that make sense?

It is a testament to good story telling the 30 episodes went by pretty quick. The angst wasn't so constant and prolonged that you felt wrung dry emotionally. Lots of light moments in between! There was never I time I felt I wanted to drop this show or give up. Actually, I'm kind of sad it is over. It is a wonderful Drama! Give it a try if you are hesitating.
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Apr 23, 2011
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
i wish it kept going .. After watching this whole drama, i had to say this is my fav on air dramas out of all the ones i was watching... Maa Roo was very scary at times .. but splendid acting from all the characters.. i was a little annoyed by Dong Choo\''s mom at times but she had her reasons :P .. To me, it is such a heart warming drama. read more Story is different and written beautifully as it introduced disabilities in a very unique manner i.e deafness and mental disability. i really like how they introduced disability and how others react to it. They showed how people struggle from special needs parents or how accepting and understanding children were to special needs parents. it was really touching... i dont want to go into details and ruin all the fun... but its a great drama of betrayal,greed, love, friendship, relations, revenge and disability. The story started off when all the main actors were little and gradually they told the backgrounds of every character. Characters growth are really good and acting is superb. I really liked how every person had a reason to be who they were and what they did..Dong choo\''s smile is very killing... Her and bong Woori\''s chemistry , their love and romance was really light yet so0o adorable throught the drama .. i had to add few things in my review... I fell in love with the music...(first time:P) esp male ost who sung the main song.. though it didnt have a lot of background songs, i was satisfied with just one song that played again and again ..02.

am glad they ended it so beautifully .. but am so sad that it all came to an end :( ... i want more of CYHMH ...
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Both are Makjang Dramas. Both have a wealthy family that is tied to a poor family. Both have a main character that deals well with a disability and plays piano. In Can You Hear My Heart it is Deafness and in You Are Too Much it is Blindness.
You Are Too Much will be 50 episodes and is categorized as Drama, Family, Music - Music business is featured
Can You Hear MY Heart is 30 episodes and categorized as Family, Melodrama, Romance. - Romance is featured
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
-Main female lead is endearing because she takes care of a troubled family.
-Love triangle between main female lead, main male lead and his brother.
-Poor people do cruel things in order to gain power and wealth, only to be unhappy and realize you can't buy happiness.
-Secrets of birth.

-Can You Heat My Heart is a makjang melodrama while Stars Falling from the Sky is a slightly melo romcom. The first is serious and heart wrenching while the second is relatively light hearted and funny. They do well in their own genre, though, so they're both worth the watch!
Recommended by sai-fy

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    Kboyallday 17 days ago
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  • Reply
    Jaylan Jun 9, 2017 - edited

    Plz guys HELP
    does it worth watching
    does it has good plot & happy ending
    spoiler plz PLZZZ

  • Reply
    Chuu Jan 28, 2017 - edited

    Ahh ~ Hwang Jung Eum and Go Joon Hee have such a good chemistry ❤ no surprise that they were best friends in She Was Pretty (2015).

  • Reply
    Cas Dec 2, 2016 - edited

    can someone please tell me which episode they become adults?

  • Reply
    roumaissapilsuk Nov 10, 2016

    Still the best <3

  • Reply
    SATHYA Nov 6, 2016

    Nam Gung Min is chanceless. I haven't ever seen any cool guy like him. Myyyyyy goodness!!!!!!

  • Reply
    JoanaP Sep 25, 2016 - edited

    HI! watching this for the first time ... Can anyone tell me in which episode Dong Joo knows that Woo Ri knows about him being deaf?

    • Reply
      naccu Jan 3, 2017
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    • Reply
      JoanaP Jan 6, 2017

      Thank you though! I put it on hold for a bit so it's still useful

    • Reply
      YukiTsubaki 29 days ago

      Whoa...isn't that too late in the drama? It should be earlier than that.

    • Reply
      naccu 29 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      YukiTsubaki 29 days ago

      Ohhh...I didn't read Joana's question correctly. I skimmed it lol. I get it. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Reply
    SaeedKhan Sep 15, 2016

    Loved it

  • Reply
    Dominique Aug 26, 2016

    The best bromance

  • Reply
    jxsilicon9 Aug 14, 2016 - edited

    Worth watching?

  • Reply
    Meres Aug 2, 2016

    This drama taught me that if Nam Gung Min cry, I will cry with him no matter how much i dislike his character.

  • Reply
    dore430 Jul 21, 2016 - edited

    This was one of the first K-dramas that I watched a few years ago, but I remember so much of it and how it made me feel... I loved it so much that it's a 10/10 all the way for me. I didn't even realize that Nam Goong Min was in this drama. At that time, I didn't know anyone's name to go with their faces :( Great Heart Wrenching drama...

    • Reply
      EstherT Dec 1, 2016

      Me too!! It is and will always be my all time favorite drama!!!

  • Reply
    BANNEDuser May 31, 2016

    5 episodes in and this is messed up royally

  • Reply
    Rida May 31, 2016

    A family drama that gives you the feel n a very strong theme of bromance between Joon Ha and Dong Joo<3

  • Reply
    Miss-Addicted May 27, 2016

    this was a good drama, it's more of a family drama then a romantic one of course there is romance but not a lot, the only down side to this drama is i personally would have liked if there was more sign language involved =)


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    Apr 2, 2011 to Jul 10, 2011
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