Can You Hear My Heart

Can You Hear My Heart (2011)

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Family relationships can be complicated and tortured. Bong Woo Ri (Hwang Jung Eum) is a loving, dutiful daughter who does her best to accommodate the needs of her deaf mother and mentally challenged stepfather. After a tragedy that takes the life of her mother, Woo Ri’s stepbrother, Bong Ma Roo (Nam Gung Min), leaves after promising to come back but never does. As Woo Ri grows up and searches for her stepbrother, read moreshe meets Cha Dong Joo (Kim Jae Won), a young man from a wealthy family who is tortured by family secrets that he witnessed as a boy. Although Dong Joo lost his hearing in a childhood accident, he has learned to compensate for his disability so that he can keep his deafness a secret from those around him. Dong Joo and Woo Ri learn that they are connected by Ma Roo, who has taken on a new identity as Jang Joon Ha. How will the three reconcile their unexpected connection?

  • Native title:

    내 마음이 들리니
  • Also Known as:

    Do You Hear My Heart ; Listen to My Heart ; Nae Maeumi Deulrini

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Apr 23, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
Hello everyone! This is my first time writing a review and I'll definitely do my best to write a good and helpful one. So let's begin:

WOW, just WOW. I'm so impressed with this drama! There's absolutely no words words to describe how good it is. Although I'm a guy, I was soooo
touched and neverthless made my laugh at the same time... This is a drama that made influence of what read more I do and choose in life. People might think that this just a drama to watch for fun, and yes I agree but at the same time it is touching and will leave a lesson for everyone. So, If you want to watch a drama where comedy, family, revenge, romance, bromance, happy moments and sad moments are involved, WATCH IT NOW!

Story: The story isn't just outsandting, it is an absolute masterpiece. The writting was amaizing. Credit to the writer, she/he did an amaizing job to keep the balance between the story. I just couldn't ask for more and was left speechless! I really loved how the writer managed to hold the comedy, romance, revenge at right moments. So the writer was never left out of ideas, she/he always came up with new ones and kept you entertained. EVERY SINGLE EPISODES KEEPS YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SIT. Forgot to say that! It's just an amaizing story!

Acting/Cast: The director choosed right actors/actresses in this drama. Everyone did an incredible job. Noone can argue with that. I was very moved by the acting, espcially by Jong Bo-Seok and NAM GOONG MIN! Nam goong min should get the most credit for his acting in this drama. He didn't a thing wrong. Portrayed his character amaizingly without any sort of problem. His acting and character was really touching and good! But I can't really say that anyone failed to portray their own characters. Everyone did it SOOOOOOOOOO well.

Let's not forget the child actors/actresses, they were out of this world! Now, I'm someone who dosen't like to see child actors in dramas but I was so into them that barely noticed that they were just the child actors. Credit to them, can'´t take anything away from them. Carried the drama really good.

I was also impressed with the directing. The director, as everyone in this drama, did an amaizing job to get the best out of the cast!!

Music: I didn't really pay that much attention to the music but it had it's own parts when it carried the touching scenes! It was really good, I've got to say that!

Rewatch: I usually don't rewatch dramas but I just have to rewatch this one to not forget the lessons it gave me. And not only that, the comedy scenes were top notch. Unforgettable.

Overall: This is a must watch and I really mean it! If you haven't seen it yet, WATCH IT. Don't think twice, just watch it! You'll get to see everything you want to see, and all in one drama, what more could you ask for? This is what I call a real MASTERPIECE! 10/10!!
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Feb 17, 2014
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10

A drama to remember, a drama to must see, a drama to cry for, a drama to watch with a loved one. (Watched this alone)

This certainly an exceptional drama. I have a confession; I must admit the reason as to why I watched this drama in the first place. A while ago, when I was looking for a drama/movie, I saw "100 Days With Mr Arrogant." Though the plot and read more writing wasn't of the best, I fell in love. Yes, I fell in love... The man who stole my heart was none other than Kim Jae Won. I fell head over heals for that man, something about his charisma, not the mention looks hooked me.

Almost a week later, I found CYHMH, I didn't know anything about it and I thought it looked boring, so at first I didn't bother watching it... After re-watching 100 days for the 3 time, I found out that Kim Jae Won acted in CYHMH as well. It was right there and then when I started watching CYHMH.

I can honestly say, this was the best choice of drama I made since "Jewel in the palace," and "You're beautiful."

The cast was vibrant and connectable with the audience.
Kim Sae Ron, one of my favourite child actresses did an exceptional job. It wasn't the same acting as in "The man from nowhere," but I can certainly say this girl was born to be on television. I am afraid I don't know the other two child actors, but I must say, they also did an exceptional job.

Starting out light and fluffy, this drama had the glance of another drama, but it turned out to be much more in the matter of four episodes. Brooding teen, foolish father, bright/cheery step-sister, handicap step-mother, alcoholic grandmother, scheming father, sweet mother willing to kill for her child, greedy mother who is will to sacrifice her child, sweet grandfather, and sweet teenage boy with a bright smile. Yep, what a plot and variation of cast. Oh my. Every character was brought to life in the first few episodes.

The fast forward to 16 years, oh boy. Young Master Dong Joo grew in to an exceptional young man, Bong Woo Ri a beautiful young woman, and Bong Ma Roo was a heart throb of a doctor.

The writing seemed well planed and well written which was properly showcased by the cast. The character I felt most at one with was Nam Goong Min. His role in the story made my heart throb more than anything. Every tear he shed cause me to break down into tears as well. He acted his role with such passion and pride. Kim Jae Won as well as Hwang Jung Eum did wonderful jobs also.

The entire cast was beautiful, but the characters that stood out for me the most were; Bong Ma Roo/Jang Joon Ha, Hwang Soon Geum, Bong Young Gyu and Tae Hyung Sook. They had the hardest roles to play and did wonderful jobs.

Overall, I don't regret finishing this drama, every hour, every minute, every day I spent watching it was all worth it.
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Both are heart warming drama, TWTWB has female lead with blind while CYHMH has male lead with deaf.
Recommended by TakiyaGensan
Both are very good dramas that teaches you what's important in life. Both dramas have really good acting. Even though the plots aren't similar at all the feel in the dramas is similar and gives you this warm feeling.
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA

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  • Reply
    ROSE_NADAL 3 days ago

    though it's too long for me but I'll try it I likes eps 1 and 2 I think its wonderful

  • Reply
    TaraVIP 29 days ago

    <3 <3 :'(

  • Reply
    Drama4lover Jun 7, 2014

    Missing u T_T

  • Reply
    Pearlareign May 21, 2014

    The music is so awsome, especially when the dramatic moments begin. But too bad I can't find it in the soundtrack!! :( Can anyone help me??

    • Reply
      MaRinaLuli May 23, 2014 you can download anything from here :)

  • Reply
    Madame-B May 21, 2014

    i miss this drama so much. i think i wanna rewatch it ! for me one of the best dramas i ever seen '.'

  • Reply
    Miracle May 9, 2014

    hmmmmm..30 it worth it ??

    • Reply
      Tee May 9, 2014


    • Reply
      TaraVIP 29 days ago


    • Reply
      TaraVIP 29 days ago


    • Reply
      SweetSentient 28 days ago

      Is it worth it? Is it worth it?
      I cried, I enjoyed it. Loved that it took up most of my time. And if you like ep 1-4 then, approximately two weeks is all you need for 30 eps. @u@/ Consider it and let us know your views.

  • Reply
    bar Apr 6, 2014

    i'm in love with this drama!!!!
    This is one of my favorite korean dramas that I had ever seem!!!!!!!!

  • Reply
    Lindysaducos Mar 30, 2014

    Time flies so fast. I can't believe it's been 2 years since I watched this drama. I miss this so much! This drama will forever be on the list of my favorites. I hope I get extra time soon. I really feel like watching this again! :)

  • Reply
    khadija225 Mar 22, 2014

    This was one heart warming drama, OMG! I loved it so much

  • Reply
    SweetSentient Feb 17, 2014

    Out of all the actors, I felt connected with Nam Goong Min's character the most. Every time he cried, I cried as well. Ma Roo Oppa, Sarang Haeyo <3

  • Reply
    Aggnes Jan 27, 2014


  • Reply
    samaa Jan 20, 2014

    ma roo <3 <3 my favorite character :D

  • Reply
    DaiChan Jan 19, 2014

    Jae Won is sooo cute! >.<

  • Reply
    lovelymhercy Jan 11, 2014

    I miss this >_< <3

  • Reply
    sunnysmiles Jan 10, 2014

    One of the best dramas I've watched. It was so good; dramatic, romantic, and heartwarming. Every episode is worth watching.


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    Apr 2, 2011 to Jul 10, 2011
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