A Girl & Three Sweethearts

A Girl & Three Sweethearts (2016)

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Sakurai Misaki is a patissier who dreams of having her own business in the future and has prioritised work to the extent that she has forgotten how to kiss. But one day, she is suddenly dismissed and has difficulty finding a new job. At that moment, Misaki meets Shibasaki Chiaki, her first love in high school. Learning about her situation, Chiaki invites her to live-in and work at the seaside restaurant that read morehe runs in Shonan. Chiaki has two younger brothers. Second brother Kanata is a talented chef while third brother Toma is a waiter at the restaurant. Misaki ends up spending one summer with the three handsome siblings.

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    There’s Someone I Like; Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto; Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto;

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When Misaki gets offered a new job and a place to live, she arrives to discover that she has to live with the handsome Chiaki and his other good looking brothers!!!
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Sep 22, 2016
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
I was totally in-love with this drama. Honestly, I watched it because of the pairing Yamaken/Kiritani Mirei after watching them at Heroine Disqualified. And a plus that my Shohei Miura, another Ikemen from Japan is part of the cast with another with Shuhei Nomura.
The story is just basically simple but enough to keep you interested and make your heart go doki-doki (flutter) with every cute scenes. I was actually envious of read more Mirei (or Misaki's character) for having the opportunity to live with the brothers, such a lucky situation, plus they adore her and almost fall for her.
Some may think that some of the acting or portrayal of the actors are way too exaggerated or over-the-top, but as a more jdrama fan (specially a live-action adaptation), I am more used to it, or just kinda expected that to happen, and for me, that adds more charm to the drama.
I think Yamazaki Kento's acting keeps on improving as he takes more roles nowadays. Shuhei Nomura, as Touma - the youngest one is my favorite character in this story. He is so free-spirited, playboy, and tactless, but somehow his words makes sense. And I love how he is so supportive of Misaki, even if he have a little crush on her.
Another reason to watch this drama is the food, specially those mouthwatering display of desserts!
Though as much as I wished that this drama have more episodes or at least reached until 12 episodes, I am satisfied how it went till the final end. It didn't left me feeling something missing, it just went how it should be. I only want it to last long because I still want to see them all together because I love how each of the actors played their characters, meaning they have a very good chemistry working together.
The soundtrack is also good. I haven't checked out the meaning of the lyrics, but it is nice to listen to.
I would watch it again, in fact I may be watching it this weekend. Please watch it too, and hope you enjoy!
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Sep 22, 2016
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
I honestly picked up watching this after watching the cast on VS Arashi, and watching a different special on before it. I had to rewatch the first episode since I started on 2 but I knew I was hooked.

The premise is pretty simple, 'average' girl ends up living with three guys in pursuit of her dream as a pastry chief. Of course, shenanigans ensue. It's touching, it's dramatic, and it even read more got me to tear up a little bit.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between cast members. You could tell from VS Arashi they were all friends after filming, and during their scenes it was really impressive. Kento Yamazaki, and Kirie Mirai have absolutely stunning chemistry between them. And Nomura Shuhei is the perfect balance between serious moments and comic relief (without being a joke himself). Shuhei was even cast in the Taiwanese adaptation! The setting is in Enoshima, not too far away from Tokyo (closer to Yokohama though) which was a refreshing change of pace.

My friends and I agree that Chiaki's character development was rather sad, in comparison to the others. And there is a weird insert character whoose got no purpose or name but causes a lot of grief for the others, that we found rather boring and unneeded.

I've already recommended this drama to friends, and I watched it in Japan and with subs after leaving Japan. Not a top favorite of mine, and I won't be rewatching unless it's with friends/for nostalgia but it's a sweet drama worth watching.
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Both dramas present stories about love and mainly take part in restaurants. Main characters love cooking and often prepare something.
Recommended by tora_pl
In both dramas the female lead starts living with three brothers and working at their family-run restaurant. The personality of the brothers are even similar in both of these dramas. In this regard Yuujirou is comparable to Kanata, Junzaburou to Chiaki and Koushirou to Touma. Lunch Queen is much older but just as much enjoyable ! Who will be the lucky brother :) ?
Recommended by Lotta-love

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  • Reply
    Lovely 2 days ago

    not great but okay.

  • Reply
    chibiladychoi 4 days ago

    so overrated that i think i dont have to watch lol... still on my PTW tho..

  • Reply
    redtealeaf 7 days ago

    so.. who does she end up with?

  • Reply
    DaemonSaDia 16 days ago

    This is about three men with zero capacity for honesty who manipulate and emotionally abuse those around them including the weak-willed protagonist who instinctively blames herself for being their victim. It should be more tragedy than comedy, but this drama is not that smart. The plot twists are painfully dumb (special kind of blood?), the dialogue is shallow with no persistent theme or image, and the overacting of the supporting cast helps give the whole thing a feeling of cliché.

  • Reply
    Mica 19 days ago - edited

    Loved this show and I have a feeling they are going to make a season 2. I'm really hoping they do because I loved every bit of it from the music, to the acting, to the amazing cast~ it's so well done!! <3 Even the places they chose for filming were scenic and beautiful. To some degree, it advertises places to visit in Japan.
    Kiritani Mirei was really good at acting! I'm going to look into watching more of her shows. :D
    It's the perfect summer drama.

  • Reply
    Max 20 days ago

    Not very original but utterly nice. I really liked the way the relation between our two protagonists is developed and exposed, I smiled a couple of time watching this drama =)

  • Reply
    rmsllrs 24 days ago

    It has a predictable plot but I like how the growth of each character esp. Touma!!!

  • Reply
    Sudapop Dec 18, 2016

    wanted to watch it coz of the cast but couldn't even finish the first episode. ugh, disappointing.

  • Reply
    skye Dec 7, 2016

    such a cute drama <33333

  • Reply
    silvermcv Dec 6, 2016

    Disappointed with this story and how it developed, the only good part was Kento

  • Reply
    EmaChan Dec 3, 2016

    You shined kento yamazaki ! Awesomeee

  • Reply
    Diefenbaker Dec 3, 2016 - edited

    Oh my. I'm in love with this drama. I was hooked from the get go.

    Kiritani Mirei was a joy to watch and Yamazaki Kento was very effective as the lead male. Their chemistry was great!

    Nomura Shuhei was fantastic as Touma.

    A special mention to that wooden beam in the house. I cracked up every time it reminded people of its presence.

    I know I will watch this again. I think it will be added to my list of faves soon.

  • Reply
    Mitsukirox101 Dec 2, 2016

    As someone who loves romance dramas, I was let down pretty badly. Too many cliches, lack of real relationship development aka "Oh look, another girl who gets shit on by this dude who actually loves her but doesn't care to communicate his feelings and instead does a few kind gestures once in a while to keep her just close enough"

    The music and cinematography are nice, but the story falls short and employs too many useless plot lines that don't really add anything to the overall story. If you are looking for a good romance drama, this isn't it

    (Is it just me, or does Yamazaki Kento play the most unlikable characters...someone please give this boy a break so I can try to like him lol)

  • Reply
    Mitsukirox101 Dec 2, 2016 - edited
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      DaemonSaDia 16 days ago
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      Mitsukirox101 13 days ago
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  • Reply
    INFIRES Dec 2, 2016 - edited

    Is the love triangle/ harem strong in this one? I hope it isn't because I hate those.

    • Reply
      INFIRES 16 days ago

      Who do I listen to? -_-

    • Reply
      EmaChan 16 days ago

      You asked if the harem love is strong in this one, I answered no

    • Reply
      INFIRES 15 days ago

      But does she end up with one boy very clearly? Or does this keep us thinking who she'll end up with?

    • Reply
      EmaChan 15 days ago

      Very clearly ^^

    • Reply
      INFIRES 15 days ago

      Ok thanks!


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