The Liar and His Lover

The Liar and His Lover (2017)

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A love story about a depressed genius music composer Kang Han Gyeol who meets the high school student Yoon So Rim when he’s living under a hidden identity. With her courageous honesty and beautiful singing, So Rim draws Han Gyeol back to her again and again. They meet love obstacles along the way as So Rim found out that Han Gyeol was actually Crude Play's producer K and others.
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  • Native title:

    그녀는 거짓말을 너무 사랑해
  • Also Known as:

    Geunyeoneun Geojitmaleul Neomoo Saranghae; She Loves Lie So Much; 그녀는 거짓말을; She Loves Lies; Lovely Love Lie;

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16 days ago
  • Overall 7.5
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.5
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Go in with low expectations and you will be pleasantly surprised. This drama is a relatively light watch that is easy on the eyes and ears.

As someone who hasn’t read the source material I can’t really comment on how this drama lines up. It did well to get so far with a limited amount of plot. At times the writing feels a little awkward but not enough to stop watching.

I read more liked that compared to the Japanese movie the main couple were closer in age and by the end So Rim was an adult.

The cast were very attractive and did surprisingly well with the script they were given.
I didn’t feel that there was much chemistry between the two leads, fortunately the friendships within the bands and the secondary couple make up for this.

The most enjoyable part of this drama is the music and the relationships between the characters. I found the songs would get stuck in my head for a few days after watching.

All in all a reasonably enjoyable show to watch with catchy tunes.
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16 days ago
  • Overall 4.0
  • Story 4.0
  • Acting/Cast 5.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
The story was slow paced & really boring. It did progress, but it progressed quite slow which was a drop for me. I usually do love music genre dramas but this one didn't intrigue or interest me in any way which was disappointing. I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't find myself to sadly.

As many know, Joy is from Red Velvet and this was her first read more drama. I didn't really have any high expectations because I do know some Kpop idols aren't really experienced in acting. Joy, however, she was quite decent/average in her role. I don't get the hate that was being thrown at her for her "rubbish" acting - It wasn't that bad. Lee Hyun Woo was also adorable in his role. The problem was the chemistry between the two main leads. I didn't find the bond exciting or anything, it was very boring.

The OSTs for this drama are really sweet to listen to. I just finished the drama & I will definitely download them. I guess for me, this was the only good thing about the drama itself.

Rewatch Value
I hardly rewatch dramas unless they were exceptionally excellent. So in this case, I definitely won't.

If you are struggling whether to watch this drama or not, I'll say give 1 or 2 episodes a try. If you don't like it, I suggest dropping it because it doesn't get better. But if you do like it, keep going! Don't let my review discourage some of you because everyone has different tastes :)

Hope my review helped! x
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They are both about the love for music with elements of a school setting. Also the female falls in love with the male first in both dramas.
Recommended by AmynaA
The Korean Drama is based off the Japanese drama that was released in 2013. same story. the Japanese drama was good, loved the songs. I think the Korean drama will have more twists in the plot. but so far looks great
Recommended by maddie

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  • Reply
    Rebeccaabena 23 days ago - edited

    Is it just me or does chan young come across a bit psychotic?

    • Reply
      Faith 23 days ago

      Not psychotic but he definitely has a complex... depressed people aren't psychotic.

    • Reply
      Rebeccaabena 22 days ago

      you can have psychotic depression, but i was talking about his behaviour and the actor looks like he is quite dishonest.

    • Reply
      Faith 22 days ago

      Look that up. Considering that term is not found in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual from the American Psychiatric Association I wouldn't just go throwing that around...

  • Reply
    LuwangLeima 25 days ago - edited

    I hate chan young . jealous of K . he made sorim promise coz he know his song would be over power by kang hang geol. Starting from ep 12 I don't like soo rim also . acting too innocent is not good making others fall for her . she cared for chan young thinking of chan young also . she deserves a beat from me . girls should not be weak for her love . previsous ep is good for her. chan young attitude till the end of episode is annoying to me .

    • Reply
      Faith 23 days ago

      Watch Ep 13. She never lets him say how he feels. She purposefully stops him.

  • Reply
    bubal 26 days ago

    Whaaaaaaaaaat ???? Omg. Poor Chan Yeong. I don't have any second lead syndrome but he's such a cutie pie nevertheless and my heart aches for him T.T

  • Reply
    Ceinwyn 27 days ago

    Anybody knows where can I download the song Joy sings in a first few episodes "I am a flying Butterfly"? I found the original that YB sings, but can't find her version.

  • Reply
    hyerim 27 days ago
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  • Reply
    AmauryLindy 28 days ago - edited

    I wanna connect to this show but I just can't..

  • Reply
    Elli 30 days ago - edited

    I know I'm not supposed to compare It to the manga, but I just thought Sorim is portrayed pretty weak in the drama.. It's a bit off-putting since Riko was a much "stronger" character in the manga (in my opinion), but oh well - the drama and the manga is supposed to be different - It's honestly not even the same story lol.

    • Reply
      Benedict 26 days ago

      All of the characters were stronger in the manga and more interesting. This drama disappointments me as a whole. Comes across as teenager angsty. Almost over though...

    • Reply
      ReVelPink21 22 days ago - edited

      Actually I don't think So Rim strays away from the original Riko, maybe is off-putting to see So Rim crying so often over little things but in the manga Riko is no different, unless we read a different manga.

      Also, although the drama is doing it's own thing, I can spot all the basics from the manga in there so I can't claim it isn't the same story, is just that the timing inside the story is off, it doesn't happen in the same timeline as in the manga, something I came to notice later on, of course that now in the final episodes things are looking different but it was bound to happen seeing as the manga has no ending yet.

    • Reply
      Elli 22 days ago

      I'm pretty sure the manga ended in rush a couple of months ago, as chapter 90 felt like a forced cut and the last page said "Owari". I still do think So Rim - and the other characters are pretty different from the manga though and the same goes for the story, but the base is definitely there for a lot of the events - as you said.
      Although I didn't think So rim was weak just because she cries pretty often - people aren't necessarily weak for crying a lot- I only thought that because of some other things that happened in the drama.

    • Reply
      ReVelPink21 21 days ago - edited

      Oh?? Well I can't find translations for the remaining chapters, but I do remember reading about Kotomi Aoki wanting it to end in March so i'm not surprised to find out it ended a couple of months ago.
      I do agree most characters are pretty different from the manga, like for example it bothers me how Chanyoung seems to be so different from Shinya, or how Hankyul seems to be lacking that flavor Aki have, they did brought some elements about him that I find pretty cute (Like DUMPLINGS!), but I don't like how they handled his moodyness from the beginning making him come off as immature rather than depressed (Which is a big part of Aki's character development), however, I feel like the writers did a great job with So Rim, to me her character is the most similar to the manga, when I look at her I get these flashbacks of ramdon Riko moments and strangely, it makes me feel so joyful (No pun intended).
      I thought you meant it like that because usually when So Rim gets called weak is usually because she cries a lot, so I thought you meant it in that sense aswell, i'm sorry for my confusion.

  • Reply
    sickofme 30 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      LuwangLeima 25 days ago

      Coz he look like a wicked person to me . jealous of K. Making him pity in what way . not at all. Does he love so rim or is he just trying to snatch what K want . he know from the beginning that so rim and K have a connection and from that moment on he tried to do thing that make K regret and even make sorim promise coz he is not good in making music and will be taken away by K. Chang yeoun huhhhhh

    • Reply
      sickofme 25 days ago

      In my opinion it's easily to see that he likes Sorim - seeing his face while looking at her... there is no doubt. However, yes - he is jealous of K. But rather because he knows that K gets everything easier and that K is not ignored all the time.

    • Reply
      LuwangLeima 25 days ago

      But I have not seen . sorry that may be my bias towards K.

    • Reply
      Lita 24 days ago

      Yes, he is jealous because he doesn't want to be only the substitute bass player. He wants to get the same recognition as K, but he is not evil and has never done anything so wicked for everyone to hate him

    • Reply
      LuwangLeima 24 days ago

      I just want to drop this drama becoz of sorim and chan young but holding due to K. So rim acting soooo weak n soooo innocent I don't like . chan young is 100 % evil till now till ep 13 for me

  • Reply
    ReVelPink21 30 days ago - edited
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  • Reply
    Poia 30 days ago

    I think you should try to put yourself in Seo Chan Yeong's place, I know they didn't meant to treat him like an outcast, but it turn out that way. At first I didn't get his attitude either, but now I feel pity for him.

  • Reply
    Hani 30 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      desertbanshee 30 days ago

      I don't like it when he forces her to hug him. Just because he's a star doesn't mean she has to be his teddy bear. Keep those hands to thyself!

    • Reply
      LuwangLeima 25 days ago

      I totally agree with . chan young is jealous of K

  • Reply
    cha 30 days ago - edited
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  • Reply
    Panda Apr 26, 2017 - edited

    Is it any good

    • Reply
      desertbanshee 30 days ago

      There's better, I recommend Man to Man, which is currently airing.

    • Reply
      Panda 30 days ago

      Sankyu ♡

    • Reply
      Lita 28 days ago

      It's not, don't lose your time (really). It's cliché and bad (my opinion).

    • Reply
      crimsonskyx 23 days ago

      If you haven't read the manga, then it's a great drama.
      This is one of the few (from the ones i've seen) Musical K-Drama's that i've rated more than 8 stars (the other two were Shut up & What's Up). If you don't like youth drama's or musicals then it's not a show for you. It's a bit slow at times but I've liked the conflicts and the characters have grown a lot during the course of the show. The romance is cute, but it could have been a bit better. I honestly like all the characters, which happens very rarely for me.

      So yeah... watch it if you like youth/music type of dramas.

      As for what desertbanshee recommended... I'm also watching Man to Man, but I haven't been able to emotionally connect with any of the characters (it's been 4 episodes). I love the cast, the show is very well shot and flashy... but there is something missing and I can't put my finger on it.

  • Reply
    WowCreations Apr 25, 2017

    I just marathoned this much crying like holy shit...he legit takes it upon himself to be the reason for her tears :P

  • Reply
    Lita Apr 25, 2017

    Han Kyeol is one of the most asshole characters I've ever seen.


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    South Korea
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    Mar 20, 2017 to May 9, 2017
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    Monday, Tuesday
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    60 min.


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