Love, Timeless

Love, Timeless (2017)

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Time is a love letter, to whom it may concern. There is no "what if" in life. But what if you are younger by 10 years, what would you want to change? One day, Shi Zhao Yu and Kai Jia received an invitation from their university buddy Ruo Bi to come back to their university days' secret base "Clocktower". This "Clocktower" is, in fact, an abandoned school classroom/lab-the secret base where Zhao read moreYu, Kai Jia, Ruo Bi, Jun Ren, Hai Meng and Zhi Ni used to get together. On that day, by the time everyone arrived, Ruo Bi was standing on the rooftop outside the clock tower. When everyone was nervously shouting out to Ruo Bi, a light suddenly flashed from the clock on the wall...By the time Zhao Yu opens his eyes again, he is back to the year 2007 when he was in year 2 of University that year. After several failed attempts of trying to get back to the year 2017, Zhao Yu decided to re-enjoy youth, rechallenge the basketball match which he had once lost and also try to pursue the dream girl Ruo Bi whom he once missed the chance. But towards Kai Jia, he can't help it and still cares about her; especially so when Kai Jia and Jun Ren are getting closer and closer... Can Zhao Yu use this chance to learn how to face himself honestly and learn how to love? Cherish the precious things in youth?

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    Zhong Lou Ai Ren;

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Both about time travel, school friendship, past regrets and another chance to get back what they lost..
"to make the perfect choices that will alter what seems to be fate?"- Orange

" to learn how to face himself honestly and learn how to love? Cherish the precious things in youth?"-Love, Timeless

“Maybe it's impossible to live life without any regrets. Even when you know the future... you'll still mess up."- Orange

"what if you are younger by 10 years, what would you want to change?" -Love, Timeless
Recommended by ShiraYuuKii

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  • Reply
    Benedict 4 days ago - edited

    I like this so far. Different from a lot of the Taiwanese dramas I've seen lately, which is a really good thing. The last 6 months have been some of the worst Taiwanese dramas.

    It will be interesting to see how it all unravels. He has to resolve multiple relationships, both the girls and the rich jerk. Save Ruby from suicide and a bleak future with the rich jerk, help the rich jerk become a good person, and resolve his feelings for his childhood friend.

    • Reply
      3ngin33r 3 days ago

      Oh yes you are right, the last TW drama I liked was way back ShiaWaSe and Back to 1989

  • Reply
    Ayuuie 6 days ago - edited

    What happened to Summer in this drama.. she looks SOO skinny :(

    • Reply
      3ngin33r 3 days ago

      Especially in the opening song when she is next to the WeiTing who is also petite

  • Reply
    loveanimeever 7 days ago - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    CatoCat 7 days ago - edited

    When i watched the 1st episode i was like This show is completely different from the summary provided here and now i can see a new synopsis is added here.
    I am emotionally involved the show. I was feeling quite angry and wanted to punch the hero and his rival that sometimes looks like Jung II Woo. Once again Best girls find the worst of guys.

    Seriously, I feel bad for both Ru Bi and Kai Jia. Let's see how Zhao Yu brings chanes into 2007 because the present has brought heartache and pain for 4 main characters and trouble for their 2 side character friends.

    • Reply
      loveanimeever 7 days ago

      And also just realized he is the Lao Ge (Wang Zhong En) in Back to 1989 from his profile! XD Hope that his character (in 2007) is not as bad as he seems to be in Ep 1.

  • Reply
    Kelly Liang 10 days ago

    To be honest, I feel like Shi Zhao Yu (Chou Nick) and Shen Ruo Bi/Ruby (Huang Wei Ting) should be together when he is given a second chance.

  • Reply
    Rahul Rossi 11 days ago

    2 of my favourite female leads. Plot looks fun too.

  • Reply
    Ayuuie 11 days ago

    Loving this drama so far.. it's totally right up my ally <3

  • Reply
    3ngin33r 11 days ago - edited

    Another Synopsis

    Nick Chou, Huang Wei Ting (Aim High), and Summer Meng (Aim High and In Time With You) star in a time traveling romance about a man who gets a second chance to fix his life, but still has no clue what he needs to do. 30 year-old Liao Da Jun (Nick Chou) is having a bad day. Actually, he’s having a bad 2017. He has just divorced his wife, Xiao Gu (Summer Meng). She was his childhood sweetheart. He also hears that his former college classmate Ruby Shen (Huang Wei Ting) is dead. She was the only other woman he ever loved.

    Predictably, Da Jun turns to the bottle. After a night of heavy drinking, he goes home and straight to the attic. There he sits, drunk and depressed, looking at his old graduation album. It’s official: Da Jun’s life really, really sucks. “If only I could start over, I would change it all,” murmurs the broken Da Jun. Suddenly, a French antique bell sounds. Da Jun, surprised, rolls down from the attic. When he gets up, it’s 2008. He has time traveled back into his second year in college. Liao Da Jun now has a chance. The opportunity to save his first love and reverse the future is in our hero’s grasp. But what does he really want: another shot with the childhood sweetheart it didn’t work out with the first time, or a gamble with the college love he doesn’t know his future with?

    • Reply
      Ayuuie 11 days ago

      Hmm.. this ^ synopsis is incorrect...

    • Reply
      loveanimeever 7 days ago

      Yeah it sounds correct at some parts and yet different from the drama.

  • Reply
    rheabiel 13 days ago - edited

    where can I watch it?

    • Reply
      Kelly Liang 12 days ago

      You can watch this on drama fever

    • Reply
      rheabiel 11 days ago

      oh, thannk you. I have searched the other day at dramacools and dramanices but can't find any. Will check this out immediately. I just love the synopsis though I don't know any of the artists. Hope it will be good.

  • Reply
    Lisa Mccray 14 days ago

    this sounds good


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    Apr 15, 2017 to Jul 22, 2017
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