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In Time With You (2011)

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On her 30th birthday, Cheng You Qing received an email on "the symptoms of premature aging" from Li Da Ren, her best friend of 14 years. Unable to accept that Li Da Ren is like a fine wine that will get better with age and she is like a grape that will dry into a raisin as years go by, she made a bet with Li to see who will get married read morefirst before they turn 35. As she looked around for a potential husband, she discovered that she was surrounded by unacceptable candidates, like gay assistant or cheating ex-boyfriend. The only man who could love her despite her ill temper and stubbornness is her best friend. The only problem was that they both swore that they were not or will ever be romantically attracted to each other.

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Jul 28, 2012
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
Before I start I have to say I'm not a fan of Taiwanese dramas - I've watched only few of them, but even that was enough for me to think that they are not my cup of tea. So why did I watch In Time With You? Firstly, I noticed a very high score on MDL and secondly, I saw a recommendation that this drama is similar to 9 End 2 Outs, read more which I just finished and really liked. So I thought, ITWY, here I come!

Story. Well, the storyline of this drama may not be the most original one - the concept of two old friends falling for each other is used frequently so it's kind of hard to squeeze something new from this idea. This drama couldn't avoid some of cliches - jealousy, the return of cheating ex-boyfriend, crying in the rain, ignoring your own feelings etc., but even if those things did appear, they didn't spoil the fun of watching. Everything was happening at the right moment - nothing seemed rushed or too slow, every episode had its own charm and I didn't feel like fast forwarding even once, I enjoyed every minute of the drama. It was a bit painful watching the sufferings of poor Li Da Ren but this had its purpose and made the story more realistic.

Acting. Well, here I have to admit that I completely changed my mind about Taiwanese actors. In those few dramas I've seen up to now the acting was a bit bad - it seemed fake, exaggerated and naive but in ITWY it was the exact opposite. Every single actor played his/her part natural, like they were real characters and not just the actors. Now I can't imagine Chen Berlin playing the guy who is, let's say, cheating ex-boyfriend - he was so natural playing a sensitive, supporting best friend that I really believed he has to be like that in his pirvate life too. The same can be said about Lin Ariel - she was really convincing in her role of a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants and aims for that.

Music. I have to say that music was the first thing I noticed about this drama - it's really fitting. And the song that Da Ren wrote for You Qing? Yeah, it was perfect!

Rewatch value. That is a hard one - I loved the drama, it was really good and all, but like somebody said before, I don't know if I would bear seeing the sufferings of Li Da Ren once again. But, on the other side, the last episode was so awesomely epic that it redeemed it all; finally, we saw some of the hapily ever after and not just the happy ending!

Overall, I gave it an 8 because this was the best written, acted and executed Taiwanese drama I've ever seen and finally I saw a a female lead who was worth my liking - not some whiny, wimpy girl, but a true woman.

And a cherry on top: nearly all the clothes (and especially shoes!) of You Qing were to die for!
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Sep 11, 2012
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
This would be one of those dramas you regret not watching when you had the chance. Months before I completed the drama I decided to give this drama a go. However back then all I could think about was Ariel's annoying character from her successful drama It Started with a Kiss 1+2. I played the first 10-15 minutes before Chen Berlin
even appeared and I stopped watching. The first 15 minutes were read more slow, If I had known that I was a little bit more patient or gave this drama an actual chance then I would find myself falling in love just a few minutes after dropping. Why? Chen Berlin who is known as Li Da Ren in this gem of a drama appeared and he just lit the whole drama up.

I finished the first episode and I was already falling for this drama truly, madly and deeply. I found Ariel lovable! and Chen Berlin dashing!I would slap myself silly for not continuing after those 15 minutes. If only I gave the drama a real go then it would have been in my life longer. We all make silly mistakes and I should really watch 3-5 episodes before thinking about dropping.

So this drama is about two best friends who have known each other for about 10-15 years and one thing is certain from the very start.
Li Da Ren loves and has always loved Cheng You Qing. It is also obvisous that You Qing feels the same but she's a woman and she's naive and I guess you could say she's scared about losing Da Ren. Li Da Ren starts to date a girl called Maggie who is very annoying and If I ever come across a girl like Maggie I will run for the hills. The thing about Maggie is she plans and she plots. Maggie wants the perfect boyfriend/husband and this girl has a list of qualities her perfect man has to have and it just so happens Li Da Ren ticks all of her boxes (He would tick mine too) so this begins the love triangle. Even though I said "I would run for the hills" I would say she did help You Qing wake up a bit but You Qing is very complicated especially in her love life. This is when her ex-boyfriend comes back and they had/have a very intense relationship. You know the type one minute they are arguing and the next they are sucking each others faces off.

Throughout the whole drama we are rooting for Li Da Ren to win his girl! We want Cheng You Qing to wake up and realise that Li Da Ren has always and will always be there for her. He is her soulmate. This is the type of drama where you watch one episode and you don't go "I might watch episode 2 tomorrow" say "Next episode NOW!" and you keep on saying that until you realise 13 hours of your life have passed and the drama is over. The couple is no more and you
won't see anymore Li Da Ren and Cheng You Qing scenes. You will find yourself depressed and it will probably take you about 1-3 weeks to find another drama. However those 1-3 weeks of depression are worth those beautiful 13 hours.

P.S:. If you think Ariel and Joe Cheng are IT then think again. It's all about Chen Berlin and Ariel!
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-characters have unfulfilling lives/jobs
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  • Reply
    Bookdork1 8 days ago

    One of the few dramas I have watched more than once, Chen BoLin and Ariel have ridiculous chemistry in this that makes it impossible to not click 'next episode'

  • Reply
    Serin Jun 27, 2017

    Korean version is sh*t. Don't think twice and watch this version.

  • Reply
    Whiskas8 May 14, 2017

    The only slice of life drama I appreciated. Thank you for existing Ariel Lin. I sooooo love ArJoe but good chemistry with Chen Bo Lin this time

  • Reply
    asuradevilking May 5, 2017

    90 percent of the drama Chen Bo Lin has only one expression on his face. (i.e tired sour face),
    Also his attitude through out the drama is like "Why the F@#$ am i still alive?" I have never seen him give a geniune smile even for the remaining part. He's a huge negative fr the drama.
    Lin Ariel did her acting superbly. which is the only plus here.Story is usual.

  • Reply
    Jemerald523 Apr 7, 2017

    I love the script of this drama, its realistic and intelligently written. It's like a reflection of viewer's inner thoughts.

    And the male lead is handsome.

  • Reply
    guccigall Mar 16, 2017

    Chen Bolin is so cute

  • Reply
    Myauntmary Mar 7, 2017 - edited

    I started episode 1 two years ago but stopped coz of the word furry stuff/thingy. Glad I continued this because Chen Avon is tdf. Such a loyal cutie!

    • Reply
      vs_meghana Apr 20, 2017

      Oh god me too! Decided to give it a go again today, home I can finish it this time!

    • Reply
      ayacherry Jul 13, 2017 - edited

      Read these comments and was like "what..???" and then started the drama and was going to close it down because of that chewbacca but then remembered what you wrote and made myself sit through it, lol

  • Reply
    Ineta Dec 28, 2016

    I haven't seen many, but this is definitely my favorite Taiwanese drama and I believe it will have a very dear place in my heart for a long time.
    Honestly, yes, the start of it was very slow, and the first minutes of episode 1 were actually super weird, and some episodes had to go by before I could say: yes, I like it and I will keep watching..
    However. As the episodes went on, I spent less and less time on my phone and more and more time just having my eyes glued to the screen. As the episodes went by, I grew so fond of the characters, especially Li Daren and Cheng Youqing, I felt for them so much, and I can't even count the times I teared up during the last episodes.
    This is definitely a must-watch drama for those people who like those more slice-of-life dramas and movies that are full of meaningful quotes.
    Never thought I would actually say this in relation to this drama, but: I ended up actually loving this. :')

  • Reply
    dhaliahn Oct 6, 2016 - edited

    I love so many dramas, but this one... I saw one episode, I really liked the actors but it's so boring and slow. I pushed until episode 4 and then I dropped.
    I like romance as "Boss and me". This was my first and only taiwanese drama. Are they all like this?

    • Reply
      MissEurydice Nov 20, 2016

      There are many different styles to Taiwanese dramas, and this one in particular is more toned down and realistic. I tried watching Boss and me but ended up dropping because its just not my type of drama. This might be the same case for you.

  • Reply
    siracorn Jun 24, 2016

    I dropped it back when it first aired. So happy that I picked it up again cause it's as good as everyone says! I was obviously just a silly teenager back then and didn't understand what is so great about people supporting each other.

  • Reply
    rheabiel May 28, 2016

    I simply love it. One of the best friendship turned into lovers drama and one of the best taiwanese dramas I have seen. Li Da Ren and Cheng You Ching has oozing chemistry. I ove everything about this drama.

  • Reply
    Koteuni Apr 25, 2016
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Shina Apr 15, 2016

    Slow & boring

  • Reply
    Hani Mar 30, 2016


  • Reply
    Talulu Feb 29, 2016

    I really want to enjoy this but after like 3 episodes im bored


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