Mussaya (2017)

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Mussaya's father is kicked out (along with his wife and child) of the Rattanamahasarn family for marrying a girl from a "low class" Malay woman. Both parents have passed away early she was brought up by her maternal grandfather.
Years later Mussaya grows up as a free spirited, boyish and a little crude woman. Head of Rattanamahasarn family (Mussaya's grandma) feeling sad and guilty about the past orders her grandson Luck to read morebring back Mussaya.
Mussaya after coming back to Rattanamahasarn family feels like a outcast with overbearing rules, etiquette and a family who looks down on her. She can only feel comfortable with Luck as her true self while she constanly faces bullying from stepsisters and their mother.

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    Massaya; Irresistible;

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    MusicalVeggies 6 days ago

    Mookda doing a rather good job considering that this is her debut drama. But am not really feeling the story so far - there is an X-factor missing somewhere and I'm wondering if it is the lack of chemistry between our main leads (the skinship scenes come across rather posed for the camera instead of effortlessly natural, and the conversations seem rather practiced), or the lack of substance and personality behind the supporting cast. The sets and camera-work come across as nice and shiny, but it all seems to be only form and not much substance to speak of.

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    Brownie 15 days ago

    Came across a clip of this drama on youtube, looked interesting and since I'm trying to watch more Lakorns I thought "why not?". I have only watched the first half of episode 1 I'm surprised by how much I am liking it.

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    war 1234 28 days ago

    Guys!! This lakorn is freakking nice!! Usually i watch thai lakorn by fast forward, by except this one!!

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    dramelu 29 days ago - edited

    I really looking forward to watching this version, I really like the 1999 version but my favorite is real original version from 1985 which a found on You Tube randomly while searching for other shows, so surprised there was earlier version. Even though it had no subs and image quality was bad I still enjoy it very much and since I had all ready seen the newer version it wasn't that hard to follow the story for me, there were many pretty much exactly scenes but also many differences which I like better. The two leads had more scenes together, it felt like they spend more time together and had more skinship than in the later version too. 99 version is nice, but I though the leads spend little time together, I wanted more so I'm glad I found the 80's version, too bad that version is not on this website, so i can rated it. I really want to watch this version once is finished and see the differences and how much they follow previous versions, I love both older versions for different reasons so I want to see this one too. I haven't watch a single Lakorn from after 2009 though, still catching with older ones slowly, which so far I prefer, so this one might be my first current one.

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      Almonda 14 days ago

      Do you still have the link for the 1985 version? So far I was only able to find the main song, but no episodes.

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    couchpotato_md Aug 16, 2017

    I like the changes that they made from the 1999 version. I liked that its also a period drama. And I have watched up to episode 4 but I'm liking it so far, and I liked that the 2 leads have more cute and swoony moments together...which was my gripe in the 1999 version wherein the 2 leads spent so much time apart from each other

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    Lee Aug 10, 2017 - edited

    So do Mussaya and Luck end up falling in love or what? I haven't watched the drama but I'm wondering whether Mick is the main lead or not

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      HyeSoo Aug 20, 2017

      No because Mussaya is the daughter of Mrs Rattanamahasarn's adopted son. Of course when they'll declare their love, their grandmother will oppose them

    • Reply
      clong Aug 20, 2017

      ah ok...i think i am going to watch it now...thanks

    • Reply
      HyeSoo Aug 20, 2017

      Good choice! I'm actually enjoying it a lot! There is a lot of skinship *-*

    • Reply
      clong Aug 20, 2017

      in thailand when you say is different than the skinship of chinese and korean dramas....with thailand drama skinship is lacking with its feelings and is more of superficial and emotionless...

  • Reply
    Gehad Aug 8, 2017 - edited

    can anybody tell me anther site to see this drama because neko meaw doesn’t have a specific subbing schedule .pls

    • Reply
      Andie Aug 9, 2017

      She's the only one subbing it. Other sites steal her subs.

    • Reply
      Gehad Aug 9, 2017

      thank you

  • Reply
    realitybites Aug 8, 2017

    its really intresting keeps you hooked up and the male lead is such an eye candy<3

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    Ma Webre Aug 7, 2017

    It should be good as it has a good cast. But like the original I think we will have to turn down the volume when the aunt and evil twins start screaming at teach other.

  • Reply
    Belle Aug 7, 2017

    really loving this drama<3 but it's so hard to wait for the subtitles :(

  • Reply
    couchpotato_md Aug 6, 2017 - edited

    So is Luck and Mussaya technically cousins or I'm misunderstanding the synopsis? I havent started watching it yet.

    • Reply
      Andie Aug 6, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      couchpotato_md Aug 6, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Ma Webre Aug 7, 2017

      The original version is wonderful as Andrew G is so good, however it is always interesting to see have 10 15 years will change how same script is portrayed. I have watched the original and now episode 2 of the new and am not bored or feel slighted.

    • Reply
      couchpotato_md Aug 9, 2017

      yes, its interesting sometimes to see if the previous dramas that we loved can stood the test of time or will feel dated. I think Thai dramas have the most remakes if I'm not mistaken ...well at least from my experience in watching dramas from different countries. I actually often wonder why is that so?
      Anyways, your positive reviews on both version increased my curiosity for both dramas. thanks. :)

    • Reply
      Ma Webre Aug 10, 2017

      I think the Thai TV stations has such a hard time getting anything new past the government censorship and or maybe the industry was so poorly funded that they couldn't get new scripts. They haven't had HD but for a few years. They are definitely the Kings of the remake. One of my favorite Ngao Asoke 1999 has at least 4 other versions.

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    Serendipity92x Aug 4, 2017

    The first episode was quite enjoyable! I'll look forward to the future episodes <3

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    XxsmeixX Aug 2, 2017 - edited

    Is this drama popular? The rating is high though:/

    • Reply
      Ma Webre Aug 10, 2017

      The original is a classic and they are doing a good job so far.

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    loranar Jul 31, 2017 - edited

    Previous version was realistic and character-driven, this version plot-driven with lots of stereotypical nang rais... hope it will be more believable and less angsty.
    Edit: It's getting better.

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      Ma Webre Aug 10, 2017

      The earlier version was indeed a product of it's time. Everything from that period is over the top. I still will find it hard to beat. I'm I big K T & C Drama Fan and watch Lakorns because they are so different for a change of pace. I have watch a lot of the older ones and am coming around to watching the more recent ones again.

  • Reply
    Parknara Jul 30, 2017 - edited

    Eng sub pleasee :')


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    Jul 25, 2017 to Sep 19, 2017
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