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Zettai Reido 2 (2011)

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Personnel transfers take place at the metropolitan police department and Sakuragi Izumi is called upon by Nagashima Hideo who had been transferred to the special crime investigations prevention department. At the same time, the special investigations team members are transferred to other departments, each struggling to settle into their new environment. Izumi teams up with ace sergeant Takigawa a man with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. While Takigawa is not read morecompletely convinced about their partnership, he takes leadership and sternly instructs Izumi. One day, suspicious death accidents occur consecutively and the bereaved visit the jurisdiction to request a reinvestigation. Soon, it becomes apparent that each and every one of the accidents were caused by defected products from various corporations. Takamine Ryoko notices a certain pattern to the accidents and begins to suspect a chance of "corporate blackmail". Can the team solve the mystery in time to save the next victim? -- Fuji TV

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    Zettai Reido Tokushu Hanzai Sennyu Sousa; Absolute Zero 2

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Sep 24, 2011
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
Japanese detective dramas never fail to amaze me for the fascinating plot points, the great cinematic effects, great cameos (the villians) every episode and the wonderful acting put up by the actors. The first installment of Zettai Reido did not leave much of an impression on me, but when season 2 came out, I decided to give it a try. I am really glad I watched this as it was simply fantastic. read more The story was brilliant, if not for certain reused plot points in japanese detective dramas. Acting was totally great, Ueto Aya really pulls off the slow and childlike Sakuragi, who matures into a woman worthy of heading the Incident Response Team. Supporting characters impressed me greatly too, but expected that as they are veteran actors. Not too sure about music, but I like the OP! It would be rather dumb to rewatch detective dramas as you would know who is the villian, so I gave it a 6. Overall, this was an exceptional drama, and I expect more detective dramas from Japan of this calibre in the future.
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Jan 5, 2014
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
I watched zettai reido twice. Once withough subs and once with subs. Honestly I find this to be one of my favorite mystery dramas. The story of this revolves around the death of one of their colleagues who was shot by a "fearful" woman who we later on find out more about. There is some kind of freshness to the plot and it involves the way humans think and what some people read more are "pushed" to do when they get the means to obtain something that they want be it money revenge i don't know what else.
although the main role was that of izumi's and in the beginning she was clueless about infiltrations and secret investigations, with the help of someone she matured. there were many different premises to the show which involved back stories and secret plots going on behind the scenes. it's not just one case on each episode it's many cases which all link to one person.
the acting, was like always outstanding. small expressions, bigger expressions, style, the small habits each person had and the way they spoke. izumi was able to mature as a role from the beginning until the end and in every episode there was progress. it's really rare to find logical character development in dramas and most of the time the actors can't pull it off. here ti was pulled off greatly. with outstanding guests stars too i could not give the acting less than a 10 it would be unfair.
the music was adding to the climax of every episode and to the scenes it was not distracting you from the show and what was going on so i gave it a ten for that reason. i would certainly think that rewatching this after a year would most likely make you able to notice things you weren't able to notice the first time. overall i give this a ten. it's a great watch for those who like mysteries and detective dramas. it's definitely something a mature viewer would appreciate.
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In both the police use very similar methods of investigation. Both have a rookie female detective as the main lead.
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    Euphoric95 Jul 22, 2016 - edited

    For some, this may be a spoiler, what I'm going to say but I'm not going to caution it as a spoiler because I feel everyone should get this straight off before watching the show.
    IF you guys have come to this show in hopes to find even a little romance with the two young leads (Aya and Kenta) then I STRONGLY suggest to turn away immediately because this show is THE BIGGEST jinx to romance in the history of dramas!!!! I learned this the hard way by getting way to use to the norm of hinted romance in Japanese shows (not even going to say romance as a whole genre because most Japanese shows like this won't ever in corporate blunt romance unlike Korean shows) and expected something to advance between the two leads even if it was hinted in a small way BUUUTTT NO..!! That was Wayyyyyy to naive to do because all those cute little scenes of the two together disappeared and meant absolutely nothing in the last 2 fricken minutes of the show!!! LAST TWO MINUTES!!! I laughed like an idiot every time there were "moments" of the two interacting and bawled like a moron when I heard he would leave because of his illness because that meant no interactions...but it had been better if my twisted mind kept itself out of the gutter for once when watching a show because my mouth dropped hard in the last moments of the show when.....he...Takigawa...said he HAD A WIFE!!!!! A WIFE!!!! WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN WHEN THE SHOW IS COMING TO AN END?????? Why???? ITS JUST PLAIN MALICE FROM THE WRITERS!!! Whose twisted idea was that?!!?!!! I'm utterly heart broken because I shipped these two more than I have to any other pairing. Ever. To me , it seemed there was sooo much tension between the two but all of that basically was there to mock the fangirls in the end cuz he had A WIFE!! At this rate, they could have well made the old chief her love interest as he had Waaayyyy more potential than Takigawa *roles eyes* So yeah everyone, please refrain from your hearts shredding to a thousand pieces and look elsewhere if you came to expect even a little romance. No. Just no. You'll die an early death with the frustration it'll give you in the end.

    Other than my rant for that though... The show still was pretty good in terms of its plot and team work. The idea was new for a detective show and Sakuragi's development was great to see.

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    shinju Nov 15, 2015

    Why Kiritani Kenta ??
    Why so cool ?????!!!!! xDD

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    superpasta Sep 23, 2014 - edited

    T.T i still wait for season 3 hahaha -dies-

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    darkn3ss Jul 9, 2013

    2 years later and still nothing I'm not sure there will be a 3 rd season anymore

    • Reply
      superpasta Nov 5, 2013

      you ever know what will happen, mostly because sometimes it even takes four years for a comeback season -nods-

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      darkn3ss Nov 5, 2013

      Lolthat just too long it's like God Quiz. We are also still waiting.

    • Reply
      superpasta Jan 5, 2014

      LKHDSELFARYS don't remind me of the wait have to do for god's quiz T_T

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    HAVA-RAVA Oct 22, 2011

    So good second season! Left me with a feeling that there will be more coming


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    Jul 12, 2011 to Sep 20, 2011
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