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Queen of Ambition (2013)

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Queen of Ambition tell story of Yoon Na Ri, a very poor woman who dreams to be a first lady and a man, Choi Kang Chan who sacrifices everything to help her. During the journey, they experience love, betrayal, unstoppable greed and conspiracy. This is based on the third installment of the 21-part Daemul comic series by famed Korean comic writer Park In Kwon, that was published in 2006.

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    Yawang ; Night King

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Aug 6, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
This is the most annoying and blood boiling drama i have ever seen till now! i really don't know how did i continue watching it without any accidents!! let me tell u this, I'm really surprised with the writer that wrote the story! he really made me love, hate, anxious, worried and all this stuff that u won't be able to feel in an only one drama that has only 24 episodes! read more to be able to feel all this made me love the drama so much that in the most mad times i wanted to destroy my lap but i just couldn't.(I'm surprised he still alive! i would hang myself XP)

This drama is the BEST drama i have ever seen, and I'm seriously not exaggerating, the plot, the music and the cast...every thing was just perfect!the first episodes may not be the best thing i have ever seen, i really wanted to drop it but because my friend who recommended this drama to me kept nagging on me...i did, and now i know that i shouldn't judge dramas from the first episodes.

In many dramas wither its comedy, drama, thriller or any other Genres
u can know the plot of the story without watching u can know what is going to happen next, because simply it wasn't hard to figure out the next move, but i really couldn't read any thing in this one! i don't know if it was because i was really into the drama or because i was just stupid :)

anyway i really recommend this drama for all the revenge lovers! u will totally enjoy it! have fun!!!!! :)
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Apr 18, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
This drama let me tell you. Amazing. It was a serious roller coaster ride, Joo Da Hae, could seriously be the most hated women in kdrama history after seeing this drama. Her acting and character was just that great and effective. The whole concept of this drama was on point. It never dragged imo, and the characters were very convincing, and yes even yunho! I think he showed improvement here the most(acting read more wise) from the beginning it's a little shaky but i think as more episodes came out he improved. And we can't forget Ha Ryu, Kwon Sang Woo broke my heart his acting was so amazing, and the whole revenge concept broke my heart. He did such an amazing job with his character, and his emotions were always on point and always there. Soo Ae, whom played Joo Da Hae, did such an outstanding job, from the beginning to the end, probably the most convincing character amongst all, she could make you hate her, yet feel bad for her at the same time, which tbqh, is not an easy thing to do. Ultimately, what i'm trying to say is that this is one of the first revenge dramas i've ever watched and i was blown away, from the beginning to the end. My heart was seriously on the edge with every episode, there were so many tears, i was even shocked. And the OST's were amazing especially Ailee's Ice Flower, omg that song give me so many feels. (And i gave this an 8 on rewatch b/c i never EVER rewatch lol, too many dramas for all dat!)
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Both are revenge dramas, and both deal with very mature subject matter. Qoa, death of a child, missing you deals with rape and other really touchy issues.
Recommended by Queen_Makjang
I watched secret first and it's one of my favorite revenge dramas, but I have never seen such a blood boiling drama in all my life as QOA.
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  • Reply
    miretee Feb 24, 2015

    frustrated me from the beginning to the end.

  • Reply
    gumix Feb 20, 2015

    I'm sorry that this drama is not well known as others... it's not a typical love story and if it says revenge well hell yeah this drama has lots of it. Yes it's a sad drama and if you decide to watch it you will cry a lot and you will find in yourself the unstopabble desire to kill Da Hae. But i think is one of the best drama ever..why? Because it's different! The girl doesn't fall and the guy catches her omg they eyes meet boom fall in love! This drama has crime,mistery,action,lots of sad moments and presents revenge beyond human limits. Maybe it's an unfair plot but gosh the guy (Ha Ryu)'s been trough so many things that it's logic that he cant think proper even if he's plan of revenge sounds perfect(think a little Da Hae is his big love, of course is hard for him to get revenge on her) As for the acting-brilliant! They're humans! They're showing us what pain means so please please give it a try it's an awesome drama!

  • Reply
    kanade Jan 3, 2015

    would love to see a drama like that but with the scenario where Da Hae "wins" and get away with everything, being all happy at the end with her power and money

  • Reply
    jumpstar Dec 12, 2014

    this drama is perfection.

  • Reply
    Queen_Makjang Dec 9, 2014

    I usually always watch what kwon sang woo is in. He is handsome, a great actor and picks up roles I always love, even if I don't love the drama. Episode 1.

  • Reply
    gumix Aug 23, 2014

    This drama is insane!If you decide to watch it you will cry a lor.Long story short: Jo Da Hae is a total bitch and she will do anything to become the first lady.And by anything i mean really anything.If you are a fan of Yunho you will hate Da Hae forever.I just finished watching and i don't know why you guys say that there is not so much romance....well a man loving someone so much like Ha Ryu i've never seen in any drama before.Depsite of all she did to him,to his family,his friends, he loved her until the end.I'm afraid that i won't find such a good drama to watch soon...this one is just the best!

  • Reply
    kdramaa Jul 17, 2014

    So confused reading the comments.....did you guys hate it or like it o.o

    • Reply
      DiaNine Aug 14, 2014

      I loved it. This isn't a magical love story, though, which means most teenage girls aren't into it. If you like sad melodramas with revenge, you'll probably like it. Just don't expect bunny rabbits, butterflies and happiness.

    • Reply
      Reme Feb 23, 2015

      im confused too

  • Reply
    Nat Jul 9, 2014

    Baek Do Hoon (Yunho) is possibly one of the worst characters in the story I but don't blame him because I think it was the director's intention, make a bad character.
    I think I cried in every eps of this drama, without exception, (I am too sensitive, I know) and I think that is one of my favorites dramas. I really LOVE this drama and melodrama is often what I want. Although I hate the main character, Dahae, is one of the best characters I've seen: intelligent, cunning; but driven by greed and ambition. Still remains the best characters I've ever seen.
    I also loved as Ryu Hae has grown (at first wanted to hit) throughout the drama.
    I think it is definitely one of the best dramas I've seen (repeat). In addition, the characters have all been in place. Sometimes they try to make a good character and ends up being wrong but in this drama they have been perfect.

  • Reply
    yumiya Mar 16, 2014

    THE MOST FRUSTRATING AND UPSETTING DRAMA I'VE EVER SEEN , I couldn't keep watching it even though i LOVED it..

  • Reply
    kit1186 Jan 19, 2014

    Ugh hated this drama
    Did no justice
    Felt so bad for Yunho Oppa and

  • Reply
    T-O-Psexual Jan 2, 2014

    Only on episode 5 and oh my god she's such a bitch wow like so much so that i had to pause on so many parts just so i could process what a bitch she's being like i tried being sympathetic but NOOOO

    but omg its so good that i keep on watching it but i hate it so much adkghadlk

  • Reply
    Inyoso Oct 26, 2013

    This drama is one of the most predictable ones I've watch in a long time. It can sometimes get a bit boring b/c it feels like other dramas I've seen before. I though I wouldn't like it as much b/c I couldn't see Soo Ae as a villain but she really surprised me! So far I'm on ep 18 and i give the show a 7/10.

    • Reply
      DiaNine Nov 21, 2013

      Point of the drama wasn't to be unpredictable, otherwise they wouldn't have showed that first scene of the "future".
      Of course we know how it's going to end, the drama is all about seeing how things get to that point.

  • Reply
    soumatra Oct 22, 2013

    I sens a stinky smell of frustration and deception ... better if I spike watching this

  • Reply
    orangetree Aug 29, 2013

    The story is a bit far fetched. But I do love the acting. Incarnation of Money is definitely better than this.

  • Reply
    LucyLee Aug 21, 2013

    worth to watch ?

    • Reply
      DiaNine Sep 10, 2013

      If you don't mind a sad drama, then yes, definitely worth it.


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