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King of Ambition Episode 24

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Jun 14, 2015

Queen of Ambition

Queen of Ambition: The story has too many directions without concrete conclusions, then it keep changing its directions and keep losing the plot. The acting is fine in some part but it takes too long to dramatise a scene(director's fault). I was enjoying it at the beginning. The building of the characters and the story is good. But after few episodes it just keep reinventing the characters instead of settling down and then concentrate on story. The writer keep making excuses to extend the story. Ha Ryu just stood as a lawyer without help is very unrealistic. Da Hae suddenly became powerful without money and connections or was not properly built up in the story. All she did was blackmailing stupid characters. Da Hae are surrounded with stupid men and stupid characters. All the other characters who are supposed to be powerful just stood by doing nothing to help the story. The writer builds up character relationships then cut them off dry. It just became 2 main characters trying to outdo each other over and over and over... I just got sick of it. Then Ha Ryu just became more and more weak and stupid as the story goes. Da Hae just became more untouchable, because Ha Ryu became more stupid as the story reaching the end. Then the ending got lost, because they showed that Da Hae got up and moved towards Ha Ryu with minimum injury and end up dead when Ha Ryu woke up. How the hell did that happen? The writer wants to over dramatised with unsupported twist at the end. He should have left it where the two bodies lies unconscious, then cut, then the scene continue with Ha Ryu in hospital, then found out later that Da Hae died and the story slowly concludes. Or got Da Hae survived the accident and end up in jail, to be more realistic (considering how the story was built up). I give this Queen of Ambition, 8/10 at start, but went down to 3/10 at the end. The actors are fine, the film in general is good, but the story failed me.

Only the Empress Qi had a good beginning, exciting build up and suitable ending. I have seen hundreds of Korean series but so far only few passed my standard. Most Korean writers have a good idea and good start, but most of the time with disastrous endings. They could not find a good ending because they are too busy redirecting or giving two many twists at the end and end up losing the plot. Sometimes they even forgot what they have done in the middle of the story and just end without connection to the story itself. It usually left me with mouth open and scratching my head. What the hell just happened? I would review it, rewind it, just in case I missed something, but no. It was just a crap ending.

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Apr 4, 2013

I'm content.

Having watched the end, i feel like I was watching this drama entirely wrong. I didn't see Joo Da Hae's ambition as ambition, I thought she was a money grabbing, social climbing bitch murderer and the drama was about Ha Ryu's revenge. Wrong. I was dead wrong. It was about Joo Da Hae and this ending really makes that clear. She's someone who lived her life, as the drama put it "a burning flame that knew it was going to go out" she knew her life was going to be short lived and therefore gave no fucks about anything or anyone. She was basically dead and let her ambition control her. They made Joo Da Hae a victim of her own ambition and if she was merely content with where she was,which I think is the overall message of this drama - with Ha Ryu and Eun Byul, everything would have been fine. I loved this drama. I just wished Ha Ryu wasn't left with a dead daughter, a dead lover (lets face it, he loved her till the end) and alone crying on the floor of what used to be their home. It broke my heart.

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Apr 3, 2013

Watch it ... I guess you'll understand

I feel like for such a drama to end this way, It's such a bittersweet taste. After all he went through, not even a slightest hint of hope for happiness in his life ?
F**k, i get they can't put poney, flowers and rainbow but i don't know ... give him hope for pete's sake !
I think Da Hae was the bad lead girl who had the more merciful ending. she's greedy, proud, and ready to put everyone's life at stake to succeed and in the end, this ?

Come on !! I need alternative ending ...
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