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Missing You (2012)

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15-year-old Soo Yeon is a victim of bullying at school. They target her, because her father is a murderer. Soo Yeon has an ally named Jung Woo, who always protects her from the bullies. Soo Yeon and Jung Woo are in love, but due to an unexpected accident they become separated. Now as adults they meet again through destiny.

Jung Woo is now a detective and his first love has always remained read morein the back of his mind. Soo Yeon is now a rookie fashion designer who tries to have a bright personality, but still carries emotional scars inside of her. Hyung Joon is Soo Yeon's lover, who appears warm and nice, but he will try to take vengeance upon Jung Woo.

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    Bogoshibda; I Miss You

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Apr 2, 2014
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
I remember trying to watch this drama back in 2012 when it started airing. Back then, it seemed too depressing for me and I kept it on-hold ever since. Picking up this drama again after such a long time is one of the best decisions I ever made. This drama now goes straight to my favourites list (*the list keeps on getting longer*).

I have noticed how this drama is not received read more well with a lot of people. I can understand why. It's got to be one of the most depressing dramas ever. 'Missing You' falls in more of a makjang-tastic melodrama genre which could have gone wrong. For me, of course, this drama worked very well. I loved the whole plot and enjoyed every character in it.

I am usually critical of tragedy being used as a cheap means to get the plot moving. Often, including tragedy is seen as convenient for Kdrama writers when they want to create the 'shock effect' in the viewer. What sets this drama apart from so many others is how tragedy is used as a base here instead of some random, bang-up scenario. It makes room for rest of the plot to build up, leaving scope for a lot of plot development and some amazing character development- which is commendable.

The sad parts of the drama are so wonderfully done (especially the childhood parts) that they will remain in my memory for a long time. They are touching and were successful in moving me. Even the sub-plots are very interesting, including the romance.

I loved how even though a lot of bad stuff happened to its characters, they were able to bear with it. That shows us how there's hope even in the darkest of the times. Okay, I know I am making it sound like some sadistic, boring drama but it is not. It is both beautiful and poignant in many ways. It had a nice pacing and many interesting sides to it.

The cast gave stellar performances. I believe this was Yoon Eun Hye and Park Youchun's best role till date. Although I am not the biggest fan of Youchun's acting, he impressed me here. His chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye was very good and believable to me. Apart from that the child actors were TERRIFIC- especially Kim So Hyun. When she suffered, I got the goosebumps. It was that great! Kudos to the director for making it seem so real.

The OST of this drama is terrific. I recommend every one to listen to it.

Overall, this drama is a whole package with a memorable cast, a touching story, lots of tears, lots of love and a solid soundtrack. Though it doesn't have a very high rewatch value, I won't mind rewatching my favourite scenes between the main leads.

Recommended to fans of melodramas and sad stories with good endings. :)
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Jan 19, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
I typically avoid Melodramas like the plague, I live in utter fear of their endings. I am a girl who likes nice pretty bows on her endings and lots of love and laughter along the way. All of that being said, Missing You completely blew me away. I started it two weeks ago, thinking it usually takes me a good week to finish a drama, so by the time I finished what read more had aired, the new episodes would be up. Of course, it was impossible to stop watching this show. I had all 17 aired episodes done in 2 days, and then they decided to extend the show and my torture for one more week. While I hated waiting, I am so glad they did! For me, this drama was just absolutely perfect.

That perfection lays heavily on all of the actors in it. There wasn't a single actor who wasn't phenomenal, the kid actors especially. And while I seriously worry about the hydration needs of the actors, their ability to have me crying right along with them every single time was just amazing. Even the supporting cast was superb, especially Jung Woo's partner/wife and Soo Yeon's mother. Her scenes were some of the most emotional and the actress deserves extreme props for pulling it off the way she did.

This story is definitely not all puppies and rainbows, it gets amazingly sad and intense and you will want to shake the characters back into their senses on more than one occasion. I wanted so much to hate Harry, especially after the incident with the can, but my heart just broke for him over and over again. As it did for so many of the other characters.

Your heart will feel like it's been put throug a wringer by the time you finish it, but it's an emotional roller coaster you seriously don't want to miss. And for all of the sadness and heartbreak, there is a lot of happy and cute moments. It's a group of people that you just want everything in the world to go right for them, but people and situations just keep getting in the way.

If you want something that will keep you on the edge of your seat and truly make you fall in love with fictional characters, then I definitely recommend you pick this one up ASAP. You won't regret it!
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Totally not the same, but both are melodramas with bullies, murder, and mysterious pasts in their plots. Both have Kim So Hyun in them, and she's always fun to watch. Truly talented young lady. Missing you is a lot darker and bolder but both are super interesting and hard to put down.
Recommended by Chappelle
Both are revenge dramas, and both deal with very mature subject matter. Qoa, death of a child, missing you deals with rape and other really touchy issues.
Recommended by Queen_Makjang

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    AlexYoo 5 days ago

    The start was great. No doubt.
    Then... Everything that built up in the first few episodes just crumbled into nothing.
    After watching "Innocent Man", I thought this was going to have the same effect on me, but no... It didn't.
    So, not that great after all.

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    Blademan2 Sep 30, 2015 - edited
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    jxsilicon9 Sep 20, 2015

    The look on her face when he pulled that Usain Bolt. I re-watched that several times. I would've have been so pissed. Just hilarious.

  • Reply
    Samsara Sep 3, 2015

    I love it its absolutely best drama ever ...a dream come true love story melo good end ...go watch it !!!!

  • Reply
    abakada Sep 1, 2015

    Great pacing of plot
    Great and believable acting
    Nice ost, esp soundtrack

    A different take of romance, it made me feel the pain of the herroines. I'd say a must watch if you're into sad shows - do not miss this.

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    Sujach Jul 2, 2015 - edited
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      Spring 21 days ago

      I agree. I just... err... I find myself rooting for him, is that bad? hahaha I seem to sympathize with him at times than Jung Woo

  • Reply
    onewbaby Jun 9, 2015

    a little too melodramatic/dark for me

  • Reply
    artessiaw Jun 2, 2015 - edited

    This show was great, but man was it depressing and sad about 95% of the time. The characters were all potrayed really well by the actors and actresses. I watched this show after watching Coffee Prince a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to see more of Yoon EunHye since I enjoyed her character in Coffee Prince. Two completely different roles and both done flawlessly.

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    Miaka May 30, 2015 - edited
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      Spring 21 days ago
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    Miaka May 30, 2015

    I watched it for Park Yoochun. He didn't disappoint me, but I found Yoo Seung Ho's character more interesting.
    Too much melodrama/violence/misfortune for my taste, but if you are an amateur of the genre, you may like this one.
    Nice OST.

  • Reply
    shintanihoshi May 27, 2015

    Still my fave drama ♥

  • Reply
    luxlisbon May 16, 2015

    the child actors were amazing. literally in awe of them. so well done.

  • Reply
    1004_blue Apr 26, 2015

    Is there even one episode where someone doesn't cry? Seriously.

  • Reply
    JustMe_U Apr 3, 2015

    I love Kim sohyun! so beautiful!! waiting for next drama with her.

  • Reply
    Sujach Apr 3, 2015
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