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Missing You (2012)

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15-year-old Soo Yeon is a victim of bullying at school. They target her, because her father is a murderer. Soo Yeon has an ally named Jung Woo, who always protects her from the bullies. Soo Yeon and Jung Woo are in love, but due to an unexpected accident they become separated. Now as adults they meet again through destiny.

Jung Woo is now a detective and his first love has always remained read morein the back of his mind. Soo Yeon is now a rookie fashion designer who tries to have a bright personality, but still carries emotional scars inside of her. Hyung Joon is Soo Yeon's lover, who appears warm and nice, but he will try to take vengeance upon Jung Woo.

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    Bogoshibda; I Miss You

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Jan 20, 2013
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
I had moderate expectations for this one, because 1) the story seemed interesting, and 2) I’ve always wanted to see Yoo Seung Ho and his mad acting skills. The fact that my favorite child actor Yeo Jin Goo even played the younger Jung-woo was a bonus for me.

This drama had a really brilliant start. The conflicts were well-defined, the storyline seemed to have a clear direction, and the kids were so read more amazing. But somewhere along the way, the greatly established conflicts didn’t feel so great anymore, and the storyline seemed confused about which way it should go. Also, there were characters that could have been explored more. For example, what happened to Eun-joo exactly? Wasn’t she supposed to be the second female lead? The drama was so focused on the love triangle and the revenge when in fact; there were other interesting conflicts to deal with. On top of it all, the adults weren’t as amazing as the kids. I did enjoy watching the adults for a while, but as time went by, I suddenly lost the desire to watch this drama. I would have stopped watching if not for Yoo Seung Ho’s stellar acting. He is indeed one hell of an actor. Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye are “good” actors, but they fail to deliver the heartfelt emotions I’m looking for when watching a drama. Only Yoo Seung Ho, and the kids were able to deliver these emotions and moved me with their performance.

I did enjoy the music which is a mix of overdramatic and lighthearted songs. There would only be two reasons for me to make myself suffer again by rewatching this drama, and I guess they’re pretty obvious: the kids, and Yoo Seung Ho.

As a fan of melodramas, I’m kind of disappointed by this one. They made a point right from the start that this is a melodrama, and a drama is not a melodrama without tears. But seriously, there has been too much tears in this drama that it felt like it’s just one big slog of tears. It’s trying so hard to make its viewers cry, which is annoying. In my opinion, a true melodrama can make its viewers cry even without showing off the tears, right? And so I’m giving this drama a score of 7: 5 for Yoo Seung Ho and 2 for the kids, because they were totally the gems of this show.
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Apr 2, 2014
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
I remember trying to watch this drama back in 2012 when it started airing. Back then, it seemed too depressing for me and I kept it on-hold ever since. Picking up this drama again after such a long time is one of the best decisions I ever made. This drama now goes straight to my favourites list (*the list keeps on getting longer*).

I have noticed how this drama is not received read more well with a lot of people. I can understand why. It's got to be one of the most depressing dramas ever. 'Missing You' falls in more of a makjang-tastic melodrama genre which could have gone wrong. For me, of course, this drama worked very well. I loved the whole plot and enjoyed every character in it.

I am usually critical of tragedy being used as a cheap means to get the plot moving. Often, including tragedy is seen as convenient for Kdrama writers when they want to create the 'shock effect' in the viewer. What sets this drama apart from so many others is how tragedy is used as a base here instead of some random, bang-up scenario. It makes room for rest of the plot to build up, leaving scope for a lot of plot development and some amazing character development- which is commendable.

The sad parts of the drama are so wonderfully done (especially the childhood parts) that they will remain in my memory for a long time. They are touching and were successful in moving me. Even the sub-plots are very interesting, including the romance.

I loved how even though a lot of bad stuff happened to its characters, they were able to bear with it. That shows us how there's hope even in the darkest of the times. Okay, I know I am making it sound like some sadistic, boring drama but it is not. It is both beautiful and poignant in many ways. It had a nice pacing and many interesting sides to it.

The cast gave stellar performances. I believe this was Yoon Eun Hye and Park Youchun's best role till date. Although I am not the biggest fan of Youchun's acting, he impressed me here. His chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye was very good and believable to me. Apart from that the child actors were TERRIFIC- especially Kim So Hyun. When she suffered, I got the goosebumps. It was that great! Kudos to the director for making it seem so real.

The OST of this drama is terrific. I recommend every one to listen to it.

Overall, this drama is a whole package with a memorable cast, a touching story, lots of tears, lots of love and a solid soundtrack. Though it doesn't have a very high rewatch value, I won't mind rewatching my favourite scenes between the main leads.

Recommended to fans of melodramas and sad stories with good endings. :)
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Both are revenge dramas, and both deal with very mature subject matter. Qoa, death of a child, missing you deals with rape and other really touchy issues.
Recommended by Melo_Addiction
both are melodramas about complicated relationships. both about revenge and love. both very deep and sad. beautiful love stories though. amazing dramas especially if youre up for some crying
Recommended by sara_a

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    Melo_Addiction 23 hours ago

    Sticking with it, even though it's hard to watch at some points. This drama deals with a lot of mature subject matter. It's a dark drama. If you're looking for a cutesy comedy romance, don't even bother. I'm on episode 7 and have put it on hold twice. It's good though!

  • Reply
    bysoul 13 days ago

    the best drama ever i was really really addict at it

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    CmgKpop 22 days ago

    This drama may be difficult to watch entirely because there is a lot of melodrama, but I did and enjoyed it a lot! The plot is very deep and the love the male lead had for the female lead is really inspiring! I love Eun Hye and Yoochun, and their acting was great, as always.
    I must say something about Yoo Seung Ho's acting though, he really made me kinda like and feel sympathetic for the bad guy, so kudos!

  • Reply
    kanade 23 days ago

    i guess rape isnt that big of a deal in korea, considering who she choose to be with, PATHETIC

    • Reply
      samsoons 21 days ago
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    GokaiGold Nov 16, 2014

    Which episodes does Yoon Eun Hye appears in? i'm tired of teenagers' stories because first 3 eps was little slow and nearly unwatchable

  • Reply
    Rainedon Nov 13, 2014

    Aaaah...I actually enjoyed this drama. I just completed it. I have been delaying because of the bad reviews but I'm glad I didn't drop it. I marathoned it and I think that help a lot in making me appreciate complexity of the drama and not get lost or lose my interest.. I was never a fan of PYC but I think he did a great job in bringing to life the person of Jung Woo. It's a melo drama (I felt sorry for YEH , the actress not her character, for all the crying she did) but you won't necessarily cry everytime they cry...so it was not depressing. I recommend people to watch it esp if they are a fan of any of the actors because they really did well.

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    steph_ravita Oct 7, 2014

    So almost a month and a half since starting this, I'm finally done! I actually would've finished earlier if I didn't have an exam to study for but turns out, episode 16 was the perfect place to restart! The last few episodes were really intense and I like how they structured the ending.
    Truth be told though, I probably wouldn't have started and I certainly wouldn't have finished this drama if it weren't for Yoo Seung Ho's acting. I don't know if it's the character or the actor I find so intriguing but wow, he really amazed me - just so much emotion. I have a strange interest in his character's obsession too.
    I have to give credit to Park Yoochun who's never won me in a role before this drama.
    I was initially wary of starting because it's a melodrama but to me, while there's plenty sad, I feel like it's well balanced. There's a hell of a love triangle for one thing followed by some pretty intense drama but also, quite a bit of crying - I somehow remained unmoved, even though I'm usually a sucker for anything even slightly sad.
    Really liked it!

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    Areva Oct 2, 2014

    If I watched the trailer earlier I probably wouldn't watch the drama, because it seems boring to me. But I'm very glad that I actually decided to watch it without watching the trailer, this drama is AMAZING, one of my absolute favourites. Does anybody know anything similar? I mean involving traumas, tragedy and not necessarily a comedy.

  • Reply
    elahe Sep 4, 2014

    I like this drama so much , and now I'm watching this for 6th time

  • Reply
    florazhang Sep 3, 2014

    tbh i like the teenage actors better than the adult ones

  • Reply
    steph_ravita Aug 24, 2014

    Just saw an MV and I want to start but I'm such a wimp when it comes to melodramas.

  • Reply
    jumpstar Aug 12, 2014

    i miss this. <3 one of my favorite dramas!

  • Reply
    ParkOppa Aug 9, 2014

    i lOVE yOU pARK yOO cHUN :)

  • Reply
    ParkOppa Aug 9, 2014


  • Reply
    MiSsCuta Jul 1, 2014

    sad or happy ending ???


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