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Missing You (2012)

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15-year-old Soo Yeon is a victim of bullying at school. They target her, because her father is a murderer. Soo Yeon has an ally named Jung Woo, who always protects her from the bullies. Soo Yeon and Jung Woo are in love, but due to an unexpected accident they become separated. Now as adults they meet again through destiny.

Jung Woo is now a detective and his first love has always remained read morein the back of his mind. Soo Yeon is now a rookie fashion designer who tries to have a bright personality, but still carries emotional scars inside of her. Hyung Joon is Soo Yeon's lover, who appears warm and nice, but he will try to take vengeance upon Jung Woo.

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    Bogoshibda; I Miss You

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Apr 11, 2013
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
Hello there Netizens of MyDramaList.

Please forgive my language when I say Park Yoochun is EFFING AWESOME.
He has now become one of my A list characters after watching this drama.

Now, back to the Review:

I was a bit... reluctant to watch Missing You, because of what people wrote about it: All that crying, crying for no reason, crying in every episode, crying just because the actors are crying- AND, me, read more I'm a girl who's easily moved to tears. When I listen to Hyun Bin singing "That Man" my eyes already get a bit watery..

But in spite of all the CRYING reviews and comments, my sister and I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and watch it, because 1. we enjoyed Park Yoochun's acting in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and 2. Yoon Eun Hye is one of my favourite actresses.

AND BOY was I pretty much impressed with the plot and storyline as well as the acting.

Missing You had all the qualities I look for in a drama- chemistry between the actors (the friendship between Han Jung Woo and Joo Jyung Mung was incredibly believable and kept me hooked), dialogue, intrigue, pace, and most of all cute moments.

I've yet to watch a drama that dealt with such a horrible horrible tragedy... and to have the young Han Jung Woo and Lee Soo Yeon make the relationship so believable, sweet and heartbreaking-a total total standing ovation to them.

I did cry a WHOLE lot in this drama (my sister didn't- but she's like a stone) but even my sister could see a reason for the tears.

I felt like I was living right along side these characters, and understood why one was strong, why the other was so weak, why another was so crazy... each episode was a step developing the characters and building up the relationship that I had with them.

What I really liked was the discovery of things. When I noticed something and said, "Joon Woo, please notice this now." it seemed like he did notice it now.

The drama didn't drag and wasn't too gloomy despite the seriousness of it. Yes, there were a few unnecessary scenes here and there, closer to the end, but those were incredibly rare.

I'm very glad I watched Missing You and would recommend it to anyone out there who wants good acting, good chemistry, a good storyline, good dialogue and a good cry. Add the sweet funny moments, which were like rays of sunshine in the drama and happened quite often (not just between the lead characters, but between the families and friends) and you have an almost perfect drama.

The reason why my rewatch value isn't that high is because I look ugly when I cry :p
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Jan 14, 2013
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
By watching 19 episodes of Missing You all I can say is, it's really a HEAVY DRAMA. You'll never end up crying while watching it. The story is a bit predictable for the viewers and I think it got way too long to be resolved. The actors are great, Park Yoochun did a very good job, his acting looks like he really got himself into the story as well as Yoo Seung read more Ho, who played as a villain. I'm a little bit disappointed by the role of Yoon Eun Hye because her skill as an actress is not really shown in this drama. I am still waiting for episodes 20 and 21 and I hope this drama will end up nicely.
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Both are revenge dramas, and both deal with very mature subject matter. Qoa, death of a child, missing you deals with rape and other really touchy issues.
Recommended by Queen_Makjang
both are melodramas about complicated relationships. both about revenge and love. both very deep and sad. beautiful love stories though. amazing dramas especially if youre up for some crying
Recommended by sara_a

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  • Reply
    Queen_Makjang 8 days ago

    On hold twice. I'm going to finish this time!

  • Reply
    Juscha 10 days ago

    Haven't watched it yet but I am going to at this very moment. But what I wanted to say is who would bully a girl who's father is a murderer looool. Or is he in jail? Well I will find out now

    loool I get it now

  • Reply
    TAMAREXXE 25 days ago

    Loved this drama. And the music was amazing, especially "Tears are Falling" which is such a great song.

  • Reply
    MinaVIP Dec 21, 2014

    Yoo Seung Ho plays like the best villain roles ever <3

  • Reply
    Queen_Makjang Dec 17, 2014

    Sticking with it, even though it's hard to watch at some points. This drama deals with a lot of mature subject matter. It's a dark drama. If you're looking for a cutesy comedy romance, don't even bother. I'm on episode 7 and have put it on hold twice. It's good though!

  • Reply
    bysoul Dec 5, 2014

    the best drama ever i was really really addict at it

  • Reply
    CmgKpop Nov 26, 2014

    This drama may be difficult to watch entirely because there is a lot of melodrama, but I did and enjoyed it a lot! The plot is very deep and the love the male lead had for the female lead is really inspiring! I love Eun Hye and Yoochun, and their acting was great, as always.
    I must say something about Yoo Seung Ho's acting though, he really made me kinda like and feel sympathetic for the bad guy, so kudos!

  • Reply
    kanade Nov 25, 2014

    i guess rape isnt that big of a deal in korea, considering who she choose to be with, PATHETIC

    • Reply
      samsoons Nov 27, 2014
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    GokaiGold Nov 16, 2014


  • Reply
    Rainedon Nov 13, 2014

    Aaaah...I actually enjoyed this drama. I just completed it. I have been delaying because of the bad reviews but I'm glad I didn't drop it. I marathoned it and I think that help a lot in making me appreciate complexity of the drama and not get lost or lose my interest.. I was never a fan of PYC but I think he did a great job in bringing to life the person of Jung Woo. It's a melo drama (I felt sorry for YEH , the actress not her character, for all the crying she did) but you won't necessarily cry everytime they cry...so it was not depressing. I recommend people to watch it esp if they are a fan of any of the actors because they really did well.

  • Reply
    steph_ravita Oct 7, 2014

    So almost a month and a half since starting this, I'm finally done! I actually would've finished earlier if I didn't have an exam to study for but turns out, episode 16 was the perfect place to restart! The last few episodes were really intense and I like how they structured the ending.
    Truth be told though, I probably wouldn't have started and I certainly wouldn't have finished this drama if it weren't for Yoo Seung Ho's acting. I don't know if it's the character or the actor I find so intriguing but wow, he really amazed me - just so much emotion. I have a strange interest in his character's obsession too.
    I have to give credit to Park Yoochun who's never won me in a role before this drama.
    I was initially wary of starting because it's a melodrama but to me, while there's plenty sad, I feel like it's well balanced. There's a hell of a love triangle for one thing followed by some pretty intense drama but also, quite a bit of crying - I somehow remained unmoved, even though I'm usually a sucker for anything even slightly sad.
    Really liked it!

  • Reply
    Areva Oct 2, 2014

    If I watched the trailer earlier I probably wouldn't watch the drama, because it seems boring to me. But I'm very glad that I actually decided to watch it without watching the trailer, this drama is AMAZING, one of my absolute favourites. Does anybody know anything similar? I mean involving traumas, tragedy and not necessarily a comedy.

  • Reply
    elahe Sep 4, 2014

    I like this drama so much , and now I'm watching this for 6th time

  • Reply
    florazhang Sep 3, 2014

    tbh i like the teenage actors better than the adult ones

  • Reply
    steph_ravita Aug 24, 2014

    Just saw an MV and I want to start but I'm such a wimp when it comes to melodramas.


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