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Dec 27, 2013
finally...I found this episode really entertaining, esp the part when teacher Kang punished both Nam-Soon and Heung-Soo, and force them to do school service together, despite knowing how they 'hate' each other LOL
and bonus part for me is, teacher Kang discuss about Big Bang's 'Lie' song lyrics, and consider it as a poem! I consider it as a personal compliment for Jiyong's writing skill from the SW-nim ^^~
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Jul 20, 2013
First of all, Geez, Jung In Jae is SO stubborn! What's the matter with all those group works? She should just listen. It's so annoying to watch.

I'm glad Ji Hoon decided to leave Jung Ho's side. I hope he won't come crawling back to him.

And Jung Ho's really losing it now, huh. Guess it's not nice to not have friends and be hated by everyone after all. I liked Kang read more Se Chan in the last scene. Usually they let Jung Ho do everything without consequences, I like how he's in huge trouble now. He definitely deserves it!

And why are the students calling their teachers by their first names? It's so weird. Even weirder than the teachers texting them. I don't think the school system in this show is realistic. :/

And Nam Soon and Heung Soo are locked in. Hehe. I hope they'll make up even more. I like how they can work together in peace now.
I'm actually a little torn about on who's side I am. Heung Soo has a reason to hate Nam Soon (usually characters who hate eachother don't have realistic reasons, but in his case it's enough to hate someone forever) but then again Nam Soon is sooo sorry. It's hard to judge.
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Jan 4, 2013
Ok, This show is by far something I havent watched! Im more of the romantic type but this show has me dying! This episode was very funny, but it also made me cry at the very end (well I got eary eyed).....Nam Soon................what the heck! Kang and Jung seem to be developing more chemistry which adds more flare and student interactions are amazing! This show has me pulled in just because of well.......SCHOOL
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Jan 3, 2013
[Perhaps I'm just too biased..oh well. 10!]

Ep 9 is by far the most funny episode since School 2013 premiered, and I think it's all because of Teacher Kang xD Although, the part where Teacher Jung tried to prove that Namsoon and Heungsoo's heads were within her reach was quite hilarious as well.

Seriously though, the bathroom scene with the cigarette bud..I just about died! lol The reason I give Teacher Jung read more so much credit for this ep is because he is the one that makes Namsoon and Heungsoo carry ALL of the chairs and desks to the roof. hahaha that was very entertaining to see.

That aside, Jungho..smh. Still the same:/ I must give props to Teacher Kang again, he knows how to put Jungho in his place.
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