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Flower Boy Next Door (2013)

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Ko Dok-Mi lives peacefully in apartment #402 at Ocean Village. She rarely leaves her apartment. Since last fall, Ko Dok-Mi has peeped out her apartment at her neighbor Tae-Joon, who lives across from her. Peeping at Tae-Joon has become part of Ko Dok-Mi's daily routine. Her comfortable and peaceful life is shattered, when a group of handsome neighbors appear at her door.

Video game designer Enrique Keum just came to Korea from read moreSpain. He lives with Tae-Joon. Oh Jin-Rok lives in apartment #401 with his assistant Dong-Hoon. Oh Jin-Rok is a web comic writer and begins writing his new comic by observing Ko Dok-Mi. There's also Watanabe, who moved next to Ko Dok-Mi.

  • Native title:

    이웃집 꽃미남
  • Also Known as:

    My Flower Boy Neighbor ; Yiutjib Ggotminam ; The Pretty Boy Next Door ; My Flower Boy Neighbor

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May 27, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
So...this drama. I DON'T EVEN KNOW.
Honestly at first I just decided to watch it because I am a huge Park Shin Hye fan and Yoon Shi Yoon fan, and I was like hey! Its a flower boy drama with some of my favorite actors, but I didnt expect too much!

I WAS WRONG. This drama had some of the sweetest, saddest, and fangirl inducing moments!! By the last few episodes I read more was sitting on my couch fanning myself to stop from crying and having to pause the episode. Causing my parents to give me weird looks XD

Yoon Shi Yoon did and amazing job at his role. When he was being his spazzing self, he was the most adorable thing and could make absolutely anyone smile with his positive attitude. But when he was sad...LAWD GET THE TISSUES OUT. He is so convincing with his tears you would believe he is actually getting his heart broken. SO I APPLAUD YOU YOON SHI YOON. You did a great job with this role!!

Shin Hye also did a really good job playing someone with little to no personality. I cant say I liked her character much. She just seemed more cold hearted than introverted...which bothered me being kind of an introvert myself. Just because you got bullied once doesnt give you the right to treat people like that..BUT ANYWAYS. Good job Shin Hye!! Considering every role I have seen you in you have been bubbling with personality...You did a great job not bubbling XD

Anyways, the music was also really good!! I havent personally looked at the names at the ost tracks but the song that would play when something sad was going down was so beautiful and had deep lyrics. DEEP.

I dont rewatch dramas myself...but If i did I would totally rewatch this one and I recommend this drama to everyone!! It was a great storyline and is very fun to watch!!

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May 4, 2013
  • Overall 5.0
  • Story 3.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 4.0
I was unsure about this drama from the start, and the high review scores vs people warning me not to waste my time didn't help. I finally decided to keep watching marathon style, since I was stuck at home for medical reasons, I thought I would relate to the isolated main character a little. The first few episodes were cute, and interesting, but then it all went down hill for me.

Flower read more Boy Next Door is all about unrequited love triangles, and stalkers. Almost every character harbors a one-sided crush for another character. At the center is Go Dok Mi. She is a super emo recluse, who I had a very hard time rooting for, or liking. Eventually we learn about the event that traumatized her, and made her so distrusting of people, but it never quite excused her selfish behavior for me.

For some reason, in spite of her personality, she has two men fighting to win her affection. One is the equally emo Oh Jin Rak, who has been obsessed with her for years. The other is the extremely hyper, über cute, and sometimes annoying Enrique played by Yoon Shi Yoon. Yoon Shi Yoon is the main reason I watched this drama, and he was the highlight for me. He is the glue that holds this KDrama together.

The supporting cast was also pretty entertaining, particularly the the web-toon director and Dong Hoon (my favorite couple), though I am not sure what purpose Chef Watanabe actually served. The character Cha Do Hwi was extremely annoying, so she did a great job. I gave the cast a 7, because I could not find any fault with the acting. They did their best with what they had, which was not much.

The main downfall of this drama is the story, or lack thereof. The love triangles initially were interesting but became predictable, and boring, quickly. Even the big reveal about Dok Mi's past started to annoy me after a while. I wanted to yell "get over it" at the screen so many times. I get that it was a really bad thing for her, but they relied on flashing back to that story a bit too much. Then they tried to throw in a pitiful storyline about video game obsessed fans, but it was too ridiculous to be believed.

Although this is mainly a romance, the main couple was less interesting as time went on. It seemed like such a one-sided relationship. Watching Enrique try to cheer up Dok Mi every episode was really frustrating, and they didn't have an exciting chemistry either. It was a struggle to watch the final episodes. They just seemed to stretch out what was already going to be the obvious conclusion. The cheesy expressions of love didn't help either. At the end they tried to tie up the love lives of each character, and even that was super cheesy and predictable. Again, what was the point of Watanabe?

Overall, I did not like this drama enough to recommend it to anyone. I guess huge fans of the actors will be entertained enough to justify the bad plot. It really was a great start in my opinion, but once the couples became clear, the writer apparently had no clue what to do next. If you think you'll like seeing Park Shin Hye and Kim Ji Hoon play two emotionally detached characters who wax poetic about love, then maybe you'll like this more than I did. If Yoon Shi Yoon's smile is all the entertainment you need, then by all means watch this. I barely made it through the first time, so rewatching this is not an option. Maybe I'd youtube a cute Enrique moment, but that's about it.

For everyone else, don't believe the hype. I'll just pass the advice that I should have heeded myself "don't waste 16 hours of your life".
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    docnty Sep 28, 2014

    No chemistry between the leads, you could so see that when they were kissing, and even more so when hugging, I don't remember once when they're heads actually touched when hugging. Even when interacting, just no chemistry at all, there was more chemistry between her and the 2nd lead, so sad to say... I really love her as an actress, and thought she did a great job, but she needs to bring more passion when acting in a relationship... I could only give this drama a 6 for these reasons, as well for the fact of the love triangle, when are these dumb stupid writers gonna write a proper romance without love triangles or main/2nd lead romances??? WHEN???

  • Reply
    zumzummara Sep 25, 2014

    why is this drama so UNDERRATED?? it's great!

  • Reply
    patiikaa Sep 23, 2014

    This drama is lovely! I watched it in 2 days! It's really interesting. I hope you can enjoy it too! :D <3

  • Reply
    ROSE Aug 19, 2014

    crap and another drama is dropped

  • Reply
    ooops Aug 16, 2014

    I just watched episode 15 and it has no sense. Like someone is going lets try this and that and a bit of this. If it had been more episodes I would have dropped it. I really hate when there is no story and here it is like that - at the beginning she wants him to go then changes her mind and then he wants to go...And she changed her min in a day...really bad...I think all k-drama story writer should just write the story to make sense from the beginning to the end and not pay attention to rating. Like this I have the feeling they are trying to make an episode more interesting to attract the audience - in the story over all there are soooo many things that dont go together... sorry my opinion )of a lot k-dramas!!!)

    • Reply
      docnty Sep 24, 2014

      I so agree with you in that Korean writer's really have a way to ruining and/or destroying an otherwise great drama, for me, it's about 80% of Kdrama's that are like that, so sad to say...

    • Reply
      ooops Sep 24, 2014

      I know. I started watching Gapdong right away because I thought the idea of a serial killer in a k-drama would be awesome... And I stopped after episode 6 because it gets really incoherent. They keep adding things that dont add up...Im still watching gapdong but 1 episode every 2 weeks...And ofc there are some that have an amazing story...I wish all of them could be like that...

    • Reply
      docnty Sep 24, 2014

      I am totally with you as to wishing all could be like that... :)))

  • Reply
    YooHae96 Aug 15, 2014

    I was pretty disappointed + no chemisty

  • Reply
    RozhanRb Aug 2, 2014

    The worst kiss scene ever !!

  • Reply
    Distase Jul 29, 2014

    Whole drama I was expecting Go Dok Mi and Oh Jin Rak to be together, but nope.
    So that was disappointing for me. But actually nice show.

  • Reply
    yellowposh Jul 24, 2014

    I actually liked this one but still not enough to be included into my all-time favorites. I dont find any characters annoying. Loved the guys in the neighborhood plus the webtoon manager. A fun and light watch and can I just say that I liked PSH here more than in Heirs.

  • Reply
    love_kdrama Jul 9, 2014

    i really liked this, it's one of my favorite dramas

  • Reply
    esraa_adel112 Jun 22, 2014

    i re watched this 3 times just for Enrique Geum :3 ♥ ♥

  • Reply
    lauu Jun 14, 2014

    i really liked this, like a lot !! maybe it's one of my favorite dramas :)

  • Reply
    Esther Jun 14, 2014

    OMG Enrique Geum speaking Spanish was so hilarius!! I'm Spanish and his accent was so funny xD

  • Reply
    Albatul Jun 3, 2014

    teenage drama :)

  • Reply
    jumpstar May 23, 2014

    if I was rewatcher, i will rewatch this for sure.


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    Jan 7, 2013 to Feb 26, 2013
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    46 min.


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