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Yakou Kanransha (2013)

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The drama is based on the best selling same-titled novel Minato Kanae, and is about two families that reside in the same upscale neighborhood. Amongst all the beautiful homes lined up in a row, there is a small house that belongs to the Endo family. Even though it is small, but it is a dream come true for Endo Mayumi. Living directly opposite them, is the elite Takahashi family. With their three read moregifted and smart children and a doctor husband, the Takahashis seem like a blessed and happy family.
One day, Takahashi Hiroyuki is found murdered. The police suspect the murderer is someone the family knows...

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    Yako Kanransha; Ferris Wheel at Night

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Apr 16, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
I think the other reviewer has said all what I wanted to say, this drama moves people in so many different ways. I was moved and cried a lot especially in the latter episodes because in a way I can relate to the struggles of the families in this drama.

I'm giving this a perfect score in all aspects because I thought it's that perfect. The suspense was held evenly throughout the read more drama, although the jittery feeling might be felt the most at the first episode (I almost puked to be honest. Such injustice).

It doesn't bore at all and it does not try to preach, like what many other family dramas might do (although to be honest, this is my first time watching a drama directly about family relationships). Rather, it lets you look at yet another (perhaps distorted, perhaps not) side of reality and exposes you to the emotions of the families which may be suffering from any or - goodness forbid - all of the issues tackled in it.

The music is perfect, the sound effects and the music come in and out at the right times and fit every scene appropriate for them. I like the ending so much, and the allusion of life to the ferris wheel really is a deep one, but it fits perfectly.

Gave a perfect score for rewatching because I'd like to see the superb acting and all those raw emotions all over again if I could help it. (To be honest, I'm not much a rewatcher though).

I recommend this to anyone who would like to be reminded that there is hope in spite of whatever storm that comes to your life... just look around and there are people willing to support you no matter what - in totally not a melodramatic way such as what I've just written (because goodness knows we're all sick of it).
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Dec 5, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Murder mysteries rarely touch upon the lasting impact of the crime. We see little beyond investigation, that twisting game of "Who? How? Why?" played by detectives. Our terminus tends to be the apprehension of the wrongdoer and their ultimate punishment. But what befalls the loved ones of both parties (victim and criminal alike)? How does the surrounding community react and change? In this hauntingly beautiful synthesis between suspense and human drama, such read more elements are explored thoughtfully alongside a capable mystery.

As implied above, Yakou Kanransha delves into the effects a shocking murder has on two families (and the town in which they live). It is an emotional story marked by highs and lows, much like the ever-rotating path the titular Ferris wheel follows. Other issues tackled over its course include bullying (by neighbors and classmates), ostracization, domestic violence, and societal pressure. Unlike many other Japanese dramas with such a focus, family is not held on a pedestal. Instead we're shown a realistically flawed structure, full of secrets and misunderstandings. Despite this, beauty remains to be found in the connection between friends, brothers and sisters, parents and children; something so imperfect can still be wonderful.

Most incredible might be how deftly these emotive aspects are combined with exciting, cerebral ones. Character development intermingles flawlessly with shocking revelations and startling secrets. Scenes are rarely lingered on; the pacing maintains a seamless stability throughout the series.

Japan excels at the ensemble piece; Yakou Kanransha boasts a large cast which more than lives up to this standard. Suzuki Kyoka clocks in a believable and solid performance as Endo Mayumi. This role is written simply so she might serve as our eyes into this fantastic circumstance; despite this, Suzuki-san completely brings her to life. Among the other adults, Yasuda Shota and Natsuki Mari are of great interest. Natsuki-san plays an especially polarizing part, yet her consistent and complex portrayal makes quite the impression.

But young actors Nakagawa Taishi (15) and Sugisaki Hana (16) completely steal the show. Both deliver honest and affecting performances beyond their years. Particularly Nakagawa-san; it floored me how drawn into his scenes I became as the series rolled along. Definitely a budding career to watch.

If like me, music comprises an important part of your viewing experience: take heart. Yakou Kanransha posesses an immaculate soundtrack, full of richly mysterious strings and hollow piano. There are also fine vocals, such as those from Ai (ending theme "Voice," which exudes action), and Reiko Oshima ("Daydreaming," a hopeful ballad with a bittersweet feel). Other highlights include the masterful use of sound effects; during particularly intense scenes, one can sometimes hear the grinding machinery and clacking carts of the Ferris wheel. Also take note of its use as imagery between scenes; you'll never forget the way it looks, brightly lit at night.
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  • Reply
    Gummy May 15, 2014

    This drama is really a gem. Each characters have a dark side, even the one that look the most reliable. Loved the plot and the overall atmosphere of this drama

  • Reply
    Bladey Apr 1, 2014
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Bladey Apr 1, 2014
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Moniisek Feb 11, 2014

    uwaaaaa, that ending was so good, wrapped up things nicely. I cried practically the whole episode. Inferiority complex, huh. Hurting not only yourself but those dearest to you. I'm glad the murder wasn't based on some overused drama reasons like money, forbidden love or cheating.

  • Reply
    Mocha Jan 31, 2014

    I loved the friendship between Mayumi and Junko. I also loved the ending theme it was so good. It was a great drama overall.

  • Reply
    xoxo Jan 20, 2014

    Kojima-san = Regina George

  • Reply
    Aexuz Jan 14, 2014

    I'm loving this drama and this song

  • Reply
    Cheer Jan 13, 2014

    That was an awesome yet underrated drama. I loved the Yakou Kanransha's theme and mixing the mystery and family genres together. It was a great watch.

  • Reply
    irisixora Jan 13, 2014

    what a masterpiece and amazing drama...the storyline,the drama,the cast was so perfect....definitely one of the best jdrama in 2013....eventho the subbed was pretty late but it's worth it...

  • Reply
    mascot Nov 20, 2013

    Finally! Thanks so much to those who continued its English translation! It is one of the best drama/crime/family/mystery dramas I ever watched. I am gradually being fond of Japanese mystery/crime novels! Keep up the good work!

  • Reply
    Inyoso Nov 10, 2013

    Ep 6 was just added w/subs here!

  • Reply
    lunarlegend_03 Sep 25, 2013

    Heck.. no english subtitle from ep 5-10. -_-

    • Reply
      shinju Oct 3, 2013

      hope they will continue it -.-
      still waiting -.-

  • Reply
    mascot Jul 29, 2013

    Am I the only one who believes this is a masterpiece? I hope subs will be released faster :(

  • Reply
    allanah Jul 12, 2013

    Managed to find this subbed (poorly) at a chinese mall so I can finish it. Ayaka needs to be institutionalized. There is no excise for her ridiculous behaviour. Especially not bullying and moving to an expensive house. Nice acting on the girl's part though

    • Reply
      TiaRianne Jul 21, 2013

      what website please i'd like to finish it

    • Reply
      allanah Jul 21, 2013

      I saw it on ebay once for double the price I paid. But yeah, its not online. I bought it at Pacific Mall a Chinese mall in Toronto. Its badly subbed, but I know Japanese so its OK... Hope you get to see it soon. I'm sure the subbers will finish it soon

  • Reply
    mascot Jul 1, 2013

    This is one of my best dramas of all times. The plot is just so awesome and mysterious, let alone the iconic Ferris wheel; the mascot of the drama :)

  • Reply
    TiaRianne Apr 28, 2013

    has the people who have subbed it just stopped if so im really disappointed i was enjoying this.

    • Reply
      sutekinanijinoiro May 6, 2013

      Nope, they haven't. :) Just hang on a bit longer, they're releasing the subs on D-Addicts bit by bit. :D

    • Reply
      TiaRianne May 6, 2013

      thats great. i would be so upset if they stopped


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