Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (2013)

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Park Sun Woo works as an anchorman at a TV broadcasting station. He is in love with newsreporter Joo Min Young, who is bright and honest. Park Sun Woo then obtains 9 incense items, which allows him to go back 20 years in time. Park Sun Woo travels to the past.

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    나인: 아홉 번의 시간여행
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Jul 4, 2013
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 3.0
  • Rewatch Value 3.0
This is truly one under-rated and under-advertised drama. So far, of all the time travel dramas that I have watched, this has to be the one with the most original and ingenious plot.

It started off slowly but nicely in Tibet, which sort of set the perfect scene for a mystic journey of time travel. From then on, you will be kept on the edge of your seat as each episode produce read more one after another unexpected events. I was never able to second guess what exactly will happen next. On many occasions, I was thinking that's it, the story should be completed and it will be happy ending thereafter, but the next twist again proves me completely wrong. . The ending is very meaningful but needs a bit of thought process to appreciate it. Surprisingly, there is not a single loose end to the plot, everything just ties in together perfectly and logically despite the time travel element (which in itself is the most consistent and logical means compared to the other time travel dramas)

The highlight of the drama was the charisma of Lee Jin Wook or rather his portrayal of Park Sun Woo. His character's dry humor even when facing with adversity is really spot on and Jin Wook really makes Sun Woo comes alive.

The only bad point of this show in my opinion is the lack of quality OST. There is only one (the main one) which left some impression, but the rest or lack-of are forgettable. Don't think this show has much rewatch value after you watched it once because you would have knew all the twists that are going to happen. Also, other than superb acting of Jin Wook, there is really no "star names" in this drama which would prompt you to do a re-watch.
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Jan 29, 2014
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
'Nine' is one of the drama that has the strongest story plot, ever. The main theme is time travel, and it is told in the most fascinating and neat way. The plot is quite complicated (yup, you'll need a little bit thinking) yet satisfying. Love story is not the main menu here (I need some time to be engaged to the couple), but it's there as a side dish to the main read more topic here: a journey to find happy life. The message is loud and clear: playing God has its own consequences, and so does our hero gets his. Good news is, if you move forward and live your life every day to your best, you'll grow into a good and brave person. Just believe what you want to believe, and love the person you love anyway. Keep it simple is the best. I can relate to the messages, really.

This drama keeps me guessing till the very last minute and I must say that I'm quite satisfied with the ending except one thing (but I cannot say it out loud b/c it's a spoiler LOL but it's related to older / younger version of our hero).

Anyway, I'm a fan of Lee Jin-wook since 'I Need Romance 2012', so two thumbs up! All the casts are pretty decent, except the one who plays Choi Jin-cheol a.k.a The Bad Chairman. In later episodes I found his expression is more comical, makes me cannot take him seriously, although he's a seriously bad villain, duh (pun intended). And a special shout out for Park Hyung-sik, who plays as our young hero. I believe he has a great future as an idol-actor!

The background music is not very special. But it doesn't get in the way either.
As for re-watch value, I'd love to watch 'Nine' again, in order to get a better perspective from overall story, as I already get the basic understanding of the plot.

Overall, I totally recommend this drama for anyone who love sci-fi dramas, with in-depth philosophical perspective and complicated twist. Well done, Nine!
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Both series are centred around themes of time-travel, where the main character tries to change things in the past in order to make things better in the future.

They go about this in a different way however:
In "Nine", the lead character uses some magic incense and has a short time to go back to the past, whereas in "I'll Be Back" the main character is stuck in a loop going back a few years and reliving those years over and over.
Recommended by SilverCloud
These two dramas were produced by the same production team, same director, same writer. Surprisingly, the only common thing you can find in both dramas: time travel.
Recommended by djchiriko

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    cordobatango 9 hours ago

    Completely hooked and addicted to this drama! I'm now for episode 14 waiting to see how would end the story, At the present so impressed with the plot and moved with the romantic story between them. I remember when this drama was on air I didn't give much attention. It didn't have a main cast that appealed me specially and it wasn't advertised enough to even try. I thought "another time-travel" as the previous year already aired several dramas with this theme "Faith", "Rooftop Prince", "Time Slip Dr Jin" and "Queen In Hyun's Man". But I'm glad that I took the plunge to start it since I felt curious to watch other Lee Jin Wook's drama after seeing him in the new "The Three Musketeers".

  • Reply
    nysha 9 days ago

    wow, just wow ;___;

  • Reply
    De1vSkm2 17 days ago

    I loved everything about this drama, it was so interesting with multiple unexpected twists and turns. But I'm a little disappointed in the ending...

  • Reply
    Mica 19 days ago

    question for those who still haven't watched this drama...
    but seriously it's so awesome words can't describe it :DD

  • Reply
    mstfydgrl08 21 days ago

    Why is no body mentioning the worth watching real kisses?! Lol! I have to mention it cause its like LJW telling JYH..'let me do the kissing babe and we'll give them a good show".....**perverted mind attack***
    Let me clarify though, this drama is more than that. It engaged me to marathon it and finish it only with restroom break,meals and 3 hrs sleep.

  • Reply
    andora_judy 22 days ago

    okey i loved it and i mean alooooot give it 10/10 but i'm a bit confused about the ending plzz some1 explain it for me

  • Reply
    Mae 22 days ago

    One of the most entertaining, fun, thrilling, heartfelt and beautiful drama series i've seen. 10 out of 10 ..must watch DAEBAK

  • Reply
    Zouzou_Minetty 26 days ago


  • Reply
    BB78 Jul 15, 2014


    • Reply
      BB78 22 days ago

      i know but currently i am dying for romance so i need romance in this to start watching it

    • Reply
      andora_judy 22 days ago

      then go and watch scent of a woman too romantic amazing one <3

    • Reply
      BB78 22 days ago

      haha i did already 2 times =) i will watch nine time travels but not yet i have to save it up for poor days

    • Reply
      andora_judy 22 days ago

      yes don't watch it if you're not in the mood because once i was in mood for comedy but somehow i ended up watching king2hearts so i dropped it it's an amazing one but i couldn't complete it

    • Reply
      BB78 22 days ago

      haha you completely understand me!! after i watched Shark i was in revenge mood but watched salaryman couldnt complete it but its definetely really good!!

  • Reply
    hanseung Jul 15, 2014

    this is the best drama ever created god bless lee jinwook and his creation

  • Reply
    Sweety-Face Jun 27, 2014

    not my taste

  • Reply
    cityhunter83 Jun 21, 2014

    sooo i got half way throught he 1st ep. the dynamic between the leads (her begging him to date her and him treating her like she was an annoying child) REALLY bothered me. does this change? if so how quickly and if not is it a big part of the plot?

    • Reply
      Ginger Jul 2, 2014

      This isn't important...the drama isn't really about that...don't let this half an ep stop you from enjoying this thriller!

  • Reply
    Fatooome Jun 11, 2014

    This drama had a fairly good plot, it started off really good and got me hooked. Unfortunately it began to drag on later. I can honestly say they could have cut down the number of episodes to 10.

  • Reply
    Alex Jun 4, 2014

    one of the best drama's out there
    must watch!

  • Reply
    grandpower Jun 1, 2014

    wow amazing drama.this drama is underrated


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    Mar 11, 2013 to May 14, 2013
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    52 min.


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