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Dong Yi (2010)

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"Dong Yi" is a historical drama based on the life of Dong-yi later known as Suk-bin Choi. She worked in the royal palace as a lowly water maid. King Sok-jong then selected Choi as his concubine. Choi would then give birth to Yeong-jo, the second son of King Sok-jong and the future king of Joseon. After the birth of Yeong-jo, Dong-yi would become Suk-bin.

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Feb 25, 2012
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
Dong Yi is this long, epic drama. Admittedly most people feel a little scared to watch it because of its length but it's definitely worth the time spent to watch it.

The drama is definitely an eye opener. There are a lot of shocking moments in this drama where you go my dear god would people actually do that! They're appalling but it really gives you perspective on how seriously politics was read more taken back then. Also it gives great insight into the slave class and how they were treated in Korea. The drama does a great job of bringing light to that. On top of that the writers did an excellent job of weaving in romance where possible among the tragedies and mysteries of the palace.

Han Hyo Joo does an excellent job of portraying the righteous, just and beautiful Dong Yi who captures many a man's heart while she's on the quest for justice. Ji Jin Hee IS EXCELLENT. I don't know how else to say it. I'm actually a Bae Soo Bin fan so for Ji Jin Hee to steal the light from him in the drama was a pretty big deal for me. He's an excellent king! Very unlike the other kings I've seen in dramas who are portrayed very seriously and he makes it very easy to like him as a leader. Lee So Yeon is a scary woman...honestly her eyes scare me, she truly is the perfect choice for the seductress Lady Jang. Bae Soo Bin is sweet but not quite the main focus so I'll refrain from commenting on how awesome he looks with a beard.

The music behind the scenes is great and it suits the drama perfectly. Sometimes there's some pieces that when you know they come up something bad is going to happen and so I just started hating those ones but thats the only negative thing I can really say about that. Jang Nara is a great song.

And over all! It is honestly one of the best dramas I've ever seen.

Yes you should see it. Absolutely. You'd be a fool not to :) Even with it's 60 hour length!
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Jul 28, 2013
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
What I liked the most about this drama is Dong Yi's character, a beautiful and smart water maid of the Royal Palace. Thanks to her intelligence, she has managed to make her way in the difficult politics of the royal court.
Women are the real protagonists of this story, from the wise and kind queen Inhyeon to the terrible villain Jang Hui Bin.

The plot is really interesting, full of intrigues and read more conspiracies.. a look at korean history and a tender and fresh love story between the king Sukjong and Dong Yi.. It may seem like a never-ending drama since it has 60 episodes, instead it was really nice and smooth..and it seemed to have really followed Dong Yi's whole life..

There were many unforgettable characters like king Sukjong, a wise leader for his people and a skilled politician but also a kind hearted and even funny person.. thanks to Jin Ji Hee's acting^^
I also loved many supporting roles..who can forget the eunuch? XD

Han Hyo Joo is one of my favorite actresses and I don't need to say that she was great as Dong Yi.

I loved the setting of the royal palace, the sumptuous and colorful costumes and the lovely music. The OST gave a nostalgic feeling to the whole drama.

If you want to know more about korean history in a beautiful and interesting way this is a drama for you^^

Ps: sorry for my English
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Same director and male lead, and an interesting female lead. All of the historical beauty in Jewel in the Palace you can find in Dong Yi.
Recommended by Smuffy
Both deal with smart (as in, really, really smart), capable females that start out as slaves and rise in power, winning the king's/emperor's love along the way. Both also deal with palace politics and power play. In general, EK is more intense and has more fight scenes, but I thought the pace was good in both (little to no filler) for longish dramas.
Recommended by Hanah

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    Alekwang 22 days ago

    Just finished it today and I'm so sad. What am I going to do from now on? This has been such a great drama, it never got boring and there was always something to be happy or sad for. No loopholes, from beginning to end. The relationship between the King and Dong Yi was so sweet and I loved the ending. I'm missing everything, even the antagonists! I highly recommend this wonderful masterpiece.

  • Reply
    EBN 22 days ago

    My first drama of dear HHJ ,
    love it so far , one of the bests ..
    I watched it 5 times & never tired ..
    Highly recommended chingu ^_^

  • Reply
    Alekwang 23 days ago

    Episode 55 and going strong lol

  • Reply
    Alekwang 30 days ago

    Okay, I'm on episode 29 now and this keeps getting better and better! The frustration, the happy moments, the sad moments! Everything is well-balanced! This is going to jump right into my favorites list!

  • Reply
    Alekwang Jun 23, 2017 - edited

    I'm currently watching it (i'm on episode 17) and boyyy this is good! Like, I've tried to watch other long historical dramas before but the beginning was always kind of slow and I would always think of dropping it since I get bored very easily, but man! This is different! I'm so hyped about what will happen next since up to now (and it's only the beginning) there have been no boring parts. If you're wondering whether or not you should give it a try, just do. And this comes from someone who has dropped a lot of dramas!

  • Reply
    leemijin May 28, 2017

    i remember every week i spent with this one so gooooood

  • Reply
    claudya87 Apr 19, 2017 - edited

    In historical series I seem to have a bad time telling them apart..I was never sure who was who but I agree that the plot was interesting.

    • Reply
      namopanik Apr 23, 2017

      try Secret Door, all middle aged men wearing identical official robes. And when someone finally starts to look familiar, the setting changes to his residence and different headpiece makes him unrecognizable to me.

  • Reply
    namopanik Apr 10, 2017 - edited

    is it worth watching if I already know the story from other dramas and movies? is there anything in a plot other than romance?

    • Reply
      tala Apr 21, 2017

      imo its really worth watching. ive had a bad streak with historical dramas lately where either the writing of the shows i chose got really bad, or the show just dragged on to the point of me not having the motivation to finish it. but dongyi was a really nice watch throughout every single episode. i never got bored or sick of it, and the writing never upset me and stayed good/logical. besides romance i really enjoyed the brotherhood in this show, siblings deeply caring for each other. but this show offers a lot and i don't view it as solely a 'romance' show. tbh romance isnt the first thing i think of when i hear 'dongyi'. im rambling now but all in all, it's worth the watch!

    • Reply
      namopanik Apr 23, 2017

      That's encouraging, I'll give it a try.

    • Reply
      tala Apr 23, 2017

      i hope you like the show~

  • Reply
    Rascal Mar 25, 2017


  • Reply
    Panda Mar 25, 2017

    9/10 such a lovely drama

  • Reply
    Panda Mar 23, 2017 - edited

    What a lovely adventure and journey dong yi is not only badass shes constantly running around either getting in trouble or creating trouble or being chased or chasing someone. She doesnt give you dull moments at all

  • Reply
    Panda Mar 21, 2017

    loving it so far

  • Reply
    WhiteCloud Oct 31, 2016 - edited

    Beautiful love story and ost but I couldn't watch this drama, although both main actors are my favorites. From the beginning this drama did not attract my attention.The events were not interesting and the comedy scenes were useless and so boring.

  • Reply
    Sapir Aug 19, 2016 - edited

    I want to watch it for a long time but I'm a bit afraid of the amount of the episodes...
    Is it interesting the whole drama or has some long "dragged" times?

    • Reply
      mini Oct 18, 2016

      When it comes to good historical dramas, you wish there were more episodes instead of waiting for the episode to pass!

    • Reply
      Sapir Oct 21, 2016

      Heheh, thank you! I actually started it not so long ago and I'm already in episode 30! I didn't even feel it was already in this episode.

  • Reply
    Heru Santoso Dja Jun 20, 2016 - edited

    This drama is so good...
    What drama is like this drama?


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