Bitter Blood

Bitter Blood (2014)

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A rookie detective, Sahara Natsuki, is assigned to the Investigation Division of Ginza police station, and there, he has a reunion with his father and veteran detective, Akimura Shimao, who he has become estranged from after his parents' divorce. They happen to become partners with each other, and while opposing his father, Natsuki begins to learn more about how to be a detective from his father.

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    Partners by Blood

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Jun 29, 2014
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
If you are looking for a comedic story that doesn't take itself seriously, then I think you would enjoy Bitter Blood {Partners by Blood}.

I enjoyed it for the fact that the two lead males on screen chemistry with each other as father and son was comfortable and effortless. They just seem to ALWAYS be in sync with each other regardless if it was for comedic timing or emotional timing. Takeru Sato read more and Atsuro Watabe were great. Their acting never seemed over the top and you felt like this was just normal everyday interaction between them in every episode.

The supporting cast's acting was well done but at some times it was a bit over the top but with the atmosphere of the drama. I didn't mind because it added to the fun and craziness of the episodes. Not too many dramas can be emotional and silly at the same time so I commend the cast for an enjoyable show.

The episodes are a give and take when it comes to story lines. Some episodes that featured the story line for certain supporting characters were well written and the others were worth a side glance of " Really???" but again , I have to say the acting of all those involved made you forgive those episodes and look past the faults.

The main theme song is very catchy. Now that can be a good or bad thing. I do believe if this drama was any longer, it would become like that song from Boys Over Flowers, Almost Paradise. ANNOYING. That's how catchy it You will like it until you hate it. So far I still like it:)

It's a good possibility that I will rewatch this at some time considering that I rarely rewatch shows. Also I am under the impression that this drama may have a part 2 because at the end of the finale episode in small red writing, it said "to be continued".. Hmmmmm I hope it does.
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Dec 28, 2014
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.5
  • Rewatch Value 9.5
This is a Fast , Funny and Sweet series unlike Korean series its very short and sweet
The casting is so good I loved each and everyone of them
They have done a great job in this drama
this is my first Japanese serial and I loved it
It's full of Fun not even a single part is boring though less romance you won't really need anything
The hidden love between the read more father and the son is very realistic and sweet
the only disappointing thing for me is the Drama got over so soon I couldn't get enough of it
Overall its GREAT !!
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The perfect combination of crime/detective drama and comedy. Both series show funny characters that prefer to do their job their own unique way.
Recommended by claudya87
Ouroboros is much darker and has deeper plot lines than Bitter Blood, but they have the same feel. They are both about crimes with underlying relationship plots.
Recommended by Chibiface22

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  • Reply
    Asianstan Apr 21, 2017

    I want to watch this again. So, I'm going to watch it lmao

  • Reply
    claudya87 Apr 15, 2017

    It was hilarious

  • Reply
    fanitha Apr 7, 2017

    I don't think there's much of mystery, crime or detective in this drama. This drama is totally comedy and family. Watch it but don't expect too much from it, Sato's acting was very good as always but this was definitely not the detective drama I was expecting.

  • Reply
    chibiladychoi Mar 30, 2017

    It is a drama fit for watching on a Father's Day. Every episode talks about father-son/daughter relationship so everyone can relate to it. And dang! How come Sato Takeru became so hot like that?!

  • Reply
    UltimateFangirl Mar 17, 2017

    this was awesome!!! the chemistry was just!! lit lit lit!

  • Reply
    Brook Jan 30, 2017 - edited

    tbh, this drama is incredibly good! seriously, it is SO GOOD. it is more on the lighthearted side, which is a nice break if you watched too much hearbreaking stuff... but still, it mixes the fun, thrill and family/friendship very well! :) not awkward at all, every character plays their important part and are very likeable. the actors are great and the chemistry between the father and son couldn't have been better! i am saying all of this after only 4 episodes, so i will give and update after i finished the series ^_^

    okay... so i JUST finished the series! and i must say... this is one of the best jdramas i have watched yet! my only complaint being -> WHY IS IT SO DAMN SHORT?? (the struggle with jdramas) >_>.. also it kind of didn't answer some questions.... i need another season~!! other than that it was brilliant. the acting was on point!

  • Reply
    Diefenbaker Dec 27, 2016 - edited

    I just finished episode eight. *snicker*

    This show gets funnier with each episode and I am loving it.

    I watched it because of Sato Takeru *swoon* and ended up enjoying it so much. The chemistry between him and Watabe Atsuro is fantastic. Their comedic timing is great.

    I cannot wait to finish this.

  • Reply
    foreverwitchy Oct 28, 2016 - edited

    such a fun drama,
    the father-son chemistry between the two leads is fantastic.
    I really want a season 2!

  • Reply
    HAMEX Jul 20, 2016

    It was fun and funny drama, both leads are cute, I like the OST too, Sato Takeru in a suit all the time was a double combo visual bonus! (because I like a guy in suit XD)

    It's not a serious show even though the theme is criminal-investigation-detective, the cases were just for fun, no suspense at all.

  • Reply
    d-lite May 26, 2016

    loved the show even that it wasn't complicated like i expected, it was light and have some humor in it so it was enjoyable to watch....

  • Reply
    zahra Mar 15, 2016

    Lots of cliche... But still want more of it.
    I loved it so much and loved sato takeru more than before.
    I want a 2nd season... is it possible?

  • Reply
    SamuraiSx Feb 25, 2016

    goshhhhh I loved it soooo much !!!! :DDDD

  • Reply
    Vologirlchan Jan 16, 2016 - edited

    Is there any other drama just like this except Tokyo DOGS?

    • Reply
      SamuraiSx Feb 25, 2016 - edited

      there is great one with Matsuda Shota, detective one but not themed with father-son, but buddy-buddy story Sennyuu Tantei Tokage.
      and also same thematic but with both partners alive Ouroboros. Maou is detective one but different, logical and simmilar to this cause main bad guy is filled with hatred about the past accident.

    • Reply
      Vologirlchan Feb 28, 2016

      Oh, thanks a lot!! :o <3 :D

  • Reply
    MoeGod Nov 29, 2015 - edited

    Such anti-climatic ending. How does this get an 8.5? it's brainless fun for sure but they could at least try to make the characters more believable. Sense of humor aside these people aren't qualified to be police/detective. About more than half of the cases here can be solved quicker and I was left cursing at Sahara or whoever was involved at that particular cases for their stupidity. It's one thing not to take itself seriously, it's another thing to make the character act unrealistically just to drag the story. The final 2 episodes especially dragged on for so long only to be concluded in such a cliche and cheesy way.

    Shiori Kutsuna's pretty face is just about the only good thing that salvaged this drama.

    • Reply
      Selty Jan 10, 2016

      I got it a 9.5 certainly one of the funniest j-dorama for me, the plots is not the main point of it, it's the interactions between the father and the son and the comic punchlines. Same type of dorama as Legacy High for instance, its has to be taken lightly with popcorns

    • Reply
      Pata Feb 3, 2016

      This dorama is clearly not to be taken seriously. I loved the humour and I think it's its main point.

    • Reply
      SamuraiSx Feb 25, 2016

      gosh you're annoying you absolutely didn't get the story nor drama peace @.@ ignorant brat obsessed only with female actresses ehh..

  • Reply
    AmyLovesDramas Nov 28, 2015

    Definitely recommended! I love the father-son relationship here!


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    Apr 15, 2014 to Jun 24, 2014
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    Fuji TV
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    54 min.


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