Hiroki Aiba (相葉 弘樹, Aiba Hiroki?) is a Japanese actor, dancer and singer. He is best known for his role as Shusuke Fuji in The Prince of Tennis musical series, Tenimyu, and the live film adaptation. He was also part of a young men's 3-member streetdancing group called Brights, which was disbanded in 2004. His current most known role was the part of Ryūnosuke Ikenami/ShinkenBlue in the 33rd Super Sentai series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Aiba was a former member of the disbanded three-men streetdancing group called Brights. The other two members included Atsushi Koga and Takuya, who would also happened to later play Akutagawa Jirou in Tenimyu with Aiba. The group had to break up because Aiba had to join Avex (the agency he's currently with) after he won in the Junon Boy contest. After his work in Tenimyu, Aiba still continues to work as a stage actor, as well as act in several TV dramas. In 2007, he played the title role in the musical Pippin, sharing the role with his Tenimyu predecessor, J-pop singer Kimeru. Since 2008, he is also one of the star actors in the TV drama Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata (How to Create the Ideal Prince) along with former Tenimyu cast member Kotaro Yanagi, who plays the lead role. [Wikipedia]

[add roles]Dramas

Year Title # of Epis. Role Rating
2013 Take Five ~ Oretachi wa Ai wo Nusumeru ka 10 Guest Role Araki 7.93
2013 35 sai no Koukousei 11 Supporting Role Kitajima Ryuuichirou 7.92
2012 Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ 10 Guest Role Hiura (ep. 5) 7.47
2011 Kaito Royale 9 Supporting Role Kurata Keisuke 7.01
2011 Hi wa Mata Noboru 9 Supporting Role 7.17
2009 Samurai Sentai Shinkenger 49 Main Role Ikenami Ryuunosuke - Shinken-Blue 8.12
2009 Kamen Rider Decade 31 Guest Role Ikenami Ryuunosuke 7.51
2008 Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata 12 Main Role Hata Shurinosuke 6.41
2008 Shiori to Shimiko no Kaiki Jikenbo 13 Supporting Role Kurokawa ken 5.00
2007 Delicious Gakuin 13 Main Role Takasugi Rin 6.73

[add roles]Films

Year Title Role Rating
2012 The Boy Inside Supporting Role Tomonari 7.25
2011 Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku Supporting Role ShinkenBlue / Ikenami Ryuunosuke 7.56
2010 Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Returns: Special Act Main Role Ikenami Ryunosuke 7.84
2010 Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: GinmakuBang!! Main Role Ikenami Ryunosuke 7.66
2009 Samurai Sentai Shinkenger the Movie: The Fateful War Main Role Ikenami Ryuunosuke - Shinken-Blue 6.62
2009 Cafe Daikanyama III: Sorezore no Ashita Main Role Shibata Hibiki 7.00
2008 Cafe Daikanyama II: Yume no tsuzuki Main Role Shibata Hibiki 7.11
2008 Bokura no Houteishiki Supporting Role 6.80
2008 Cafe Daikanyama: Sweet Boys Main Role Shibata Hibiki 7.09
2007 Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite Supporting Role Sachi Inoue 6.95
2007 Sukitomo Main Role Yoshiki 6.20
2006 The Prince of Tennis Supporting Role Fuji Shusuke 6.81

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Aiba Hiroki

Aiba Hiroki


  • Name: Aiba Hiroki
  • Native name: 相葉裕樹

Personal Details

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: October 1, 1987
  • Age: 26
  • Nationality: Japanese